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Friday, 24 February 2017

chris brone

Working to Decentralize TBC One Country at a Time—Nigeria Launches Local Exchange

Hello everyone,

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Thanks to the efforts of a major leader in Nigeria who succeeded at cashing in over $200,000.00 in TBC, Nigeria is the 1st to launch a Local Exchange (Escrow Service).  This new “Exchange” was set up properly.  I’m sure attorneys, government officials, and such were all involved to support the new banking partnership which makes this “Exchange” possible.  Congratulations Nigeria!!!  Admin would love to encourage all the TBC Members in Nigeria to seriously consider joining and supporting this “Exchange.”  Bear in mind, there is always risk with any financial decision.  “We the People” have sadly learned that we cannot always put 100% of our trust in banks and governments.  They tend to change their policies quickly without much notice.  So, just keep that in mind and do whatever you feel is right to protect your earnings.  That being said, Admin feels that Nigerians that choose not to join this “Exchange” face an even greater financial risk.  The “Loss of Opportunity Risk” because this “Exchange” was set up to empower the Members of TBC in Nigeria.  This “Exchange” fully protects “Buyers” (up until a bank or government policy change) in their purchase of TBC coins.  Local currency is not given to the “Seller” of TBC coins until the “Seller” proves that they sent ALL of the TBC coins purchased to the “Buyer.”  Seller promotes the sale of TBC coins with a replicated website link.  When “Buyers” use the link, the “Sellers” get the proper credit for the sale.  A very, very small fee charged.  They may need to increase it, in my opinion.  “Buyers” can certainly trust the “Sellers” offering this third-party solution.  All “Exchanges” are done at the Current Price of TBC which pleases Admin to no end!  Workers get paid, lazy people don’t make much!  This also pleases Admin to no end.  As a “Seller” using this “Exchange” you don’t make much unless you promote your link.  So, don’t be LAZY!  Promote your link big time!!!  Sellers, are pretty safe to use this.  TBC is so valuable now, as a Seller you don’t want to meet your “Buyers” in person, especially near a dark alley.  As long as the bank keeps up their end of the bargain, Sellers will be safe to use this “Exchange.”  Nigeria leads the way for TBC as the first to bring in a local “Exchange.”
TBC is highly centralized at this time.  Discounters and Scammers have forced the hand of Admin to step in and stop the madness before they doom the idea of an “Abundance-Based” currency.  We cannot survive long-term if we remain centralized.  We are up against the clock.  The “Elite” will not support TBC because TBC dooms their depopulation and human RFID chip plans should we succeed.  Keep in mind, the “Elite” more or less have full control over the banks and governments of this world today.  Through the art of deception, they make the people of the world think otherwise.  They are currently spreading their militarized viruses now, and depopulation has begun.  Research this for your selves, your lives may depend on it!  TBC was designed to be a “Money” of the “People,” by the “People,” and for the “People.”  People become their own “Banks.”  If each country were to set up a local “Exchange” this same way it would help decentralize TBC.  Governments may choose to make TBC illegal, but the “Elite” are not that coordinated to get every country to do that all at the same time.  So, if there are local “Exchanges” everywhere then TBC can stand long term.  We are almost 100,000 Members strong today, and TBC has become a real force in the world.  Admin, has a clean plan that is rolling out now to get our Memberships up to one billion in 2017.  The “Elite” can’t stop a movement that is one billion strong.  Even though they plan to kill off about seven billion people within the next 40 years, maybe sooner.  If any of this information shocks you, then you haven’t done any research—I suggest you pull your head out of the sand, or should I say quicksand.  Once we completely eradicate the scourge of the TBC Discounters we will start holding country elections again and roll out member mining of TBC.  Right now, Admin doesn’t trust the TBC Members.  Too many of them are working against the intent and mission of TBC to End Poverty globally in 2018.  They have put petty self-interest above the TBC community and probably are clueless about the damage they have done.  We need to fire Admin!  As long as Admin is needed, TBC is not just computer code.  Bitcoin fired its Creator, and Bitcoin has survived some major hits against it.  So, let’s not all be a bunch of “Babies” and expect to receive, while not able to give.  Learn to give more than you receive back to the TBC community.  This great leader in Nigeria that set up this local “Exchange” has done exactly that.  He is giving back; now that shows gratitude.  All of us should follow his example in one way or another.  Once we reach our destination of a coin worth one billion Euros each.  TBC is likely to be the most valuable asset owned by each and every TBC Member.  That’s when the fun begins.  We won’t need to “Exchange” TBC for other currencies, we will just use TBC as the main currency controlled by the “People” and not by the “Elite.”

Tbcoinnews admin 
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chris brone

Reopening of old wallet.

Hello everyone,
The time has come for you to transfer your coins from the old wallet to the new wallet if you didn't move your coins earlier.
Tbcoinnews admin.
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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

chris brone

How to calculate in Kringle's.

Hello everyone,

We have been getting messages from individuals on how to sell in smaller units as well as buy in smaller units for TBC thebillioncoin. Selling or buying Kringle's is as similar as selling or buying of satoshis for Bitcoin.

To break everything down and simple I have gotten a video you can review to have a broad understanding of how to your TBC in Kringle's or smaller units just like Bitcoin satoshi.

Below is a link to the video
Copy the link below;

TBC coin- Quick Math: How to calculate how much T…:

Click Here to view the video.

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chris brone

Tbc wallet improvement (QR scan)

Hello everyone,

There has been a great improvement in the new wallet server of 004 which is the QR code for easy transfer of funds.

What are the benefits of QR Codes

  • You can decide the action you want the customer to take.
  • They are a market proven, published, ISO standard.
  • Completely measureable.
  • Instant information available to consumers
  • Reduce reprints of advertising material

How can you use a QR Codes

  • Instant link to product details
  • Add your contact info to the users phone
  • Direct shoppers to specific offers
  • Quickly register for an event
  • Offer a coupon
  • Link to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account
  • Link to video
Call us today and let us work with you to develop the right plan that will help you use this valuable tool to increase your sales, your customers, and your business.

This a very good improvement and it shows that the admin is really working things out to ensure this coin gets where its meant to be.

Tbcoinnews admin.

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Sunday, 19 February 2017

chris brone

GOOD BYE TBC Discounters, Scammers and Others.

Report it!!
Here: Thebillioncoin

A TBC Discounter is a Member either discounting TBC coins or attempting to discount TBC coins. This activity is very bad for the moral and confidence of the Members of the TBC community and must be stopped! It’s best to report hard and verifiable evidence that is happening so that we will certainly know we are stopping a Discounter by suspending their wallet for 6 Months. If your evidence is weak, we may choose not to suspend their wallet due to the lack of hard and verifiable evidence. What constitutes hard and verifiable evidence? Screenshots of advertising that the Member is offering TBC at a price lower than the Current price on any given day would be proof that the Member is attempting to discount—that is enough to violate the Membership Agreement even if they were unsuccessful at completing a discounted transaction. The result to Member moral is the same! You may need to play along with an ad to collect their TBC Wallet address from them. Screenshot of that conversation is also needed to prove the connection between the ad and their TBC Wallet Address, also you may be able to collect the Abusers Email and Phone Number too. Do not complete any transaction with them, in the end tell them you changed your mind or whatever to end the conversation. All Buyers TBC Wallets transacting with TBC Discounters (Sellers) will be suspended too; and you don’t want to get your TBC Wallet suspended in the process. The more evidence you provide us about the Discounter the better for us to execute swift justice on behalf of the TBC Community. Thank you for reporting abuse!

Tbcoinnews admin.
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Thursday, 16 February 2017

chris brone

Tbc and Bitcoin scammers

Hello everyone,


watssapp No: 08085364273
ACC NO: 3110490903

Watssapp no: 08164669404
Account No: 2052613889
Bank Name: UBA

Watssapp no:08133719802
Acc No: 3032729970

👉🏽ONOJA IYANDE WILLIAMS Watsapp no: 09067623893
ACCT NO: 2062723776

WhatsApp no: 08185801486
ACCT NO : 0694737457

WhatsApp no: 09036653639
ACCT NO : 3021933310

Access Bank
Whatsapp number: +234 703 182 1795

👉🏽Oghenevwaire Abele
Whatsapp Number: 07050481599

WhatsApp no: 09022758468
ACCT NO :  0130665983

WHATSAPP: 07051720389
ACCT NO: 2882072099

ACCT NUMB: 0052319207
Phone number 08032732207/+2349067861121

08169045455, 08082036425

This last number name is hidden +234 903 861 4578, he is frustrated scammer as well.

Pls Share.
The above names with that WhatsApp number is a bitcoin fraudster please beware. Kindly spread on social media Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and the likes. You could save someone from being a victim.

They have duped people worth over 1 million Naira.
Pls Share.
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Saturday, 11 February 2017

chris brone

Last chance to move your coins.

Hello everyone,

Hello everyone,
Can’t get into your TBC Wallet?  Hmmmm…  Why haven’t you been paying attention?  We have been warning you all now for months that you must move ALL of your TBC coins into the new 2017 TBC Web Wallet before the time runs out to get that done!  We posted that news all over the websites; all of your TBC wallets; and it spread all over social media over the past few months.  Either you didn’t take that news seriously or you haven’t bothered looking at anything related to TBC over the past few months.  In either case, you are about to lose ALL of your TBC coins FOREVER!!!
This will be your final LAST CHANCE to get that done.  At this time, all of the old 2016 Web Wallets and the Android Wallet have been turned OFF.  That means you can’t access any of those TBC coins right now.  On February 25th and 26th we will turn all of those wallets back on for a very short 48-hour period of time.  Admin is not heartless; we care about ALL of our members and we want 100% of you all to succeed.  So, this will be your very last chance to get your coins moved over to the new Web Wallet:  The TBC train that doubles money like clockwork for forty times is moving down the tracks far too fast to slow down for foolish people that don’t realize what they have.  If you miss this train, you will lose ALL of your TBC coins FOREVER!!

On February 27th, 2017, we will re-purpose all of the servers that were used to provide access to the 001, 002, 003 web wallets, and the Android wallet.  That means all of that data will be erased!  We will also un-publish the TBC Android Wallet from the Google Play store so that new people can’t download it anymore.  There’s no way we can find those TBC coins once those systems are deleted.  Those poor TBC coins will be orphans in limbo and can never be used again in the TBC economy.  I feel sorry for you if your reading this article after the 27th of February for the first time and you lost your TBC coins FOREVER!!!
Unfortunately, TBC Discounters and Scammers have swarmed the TBC community; and left unchecked, they would have destroyed the confidence in all of the TBC Members in believing in an “Abundance-Based” currency; and everyone would have eventually lost their investment in purchasing TBC coins.  The “Scarcity” mindset has a firm grip on these foolish people!  The new 2017 Web Wallet gives Admin total control over the access to the wallets on  We now have the tools to police and enforce the Membership Agreement.  Even the attempt to discount TBC coins or scam people out of their TBC coins will result in suspension.  For TBC Scammers, their access to the new Web Wallet will be suspended permanently!  Soon, they will learn that it is a waste of time to scam people out of their TBC coins, because they won’t have access to those TBC coins once we suspend their access to them.  We have been using some of the remaining Stake to replenish the original wallets that got scammed.  Admin is looking out for you; we hope you will learn how to be smarter than the scammers.  Study the Education area of the website and be smart!  The TBC Discounters will have their wallets suspended for 6 months.   So, not a complete loss there.  We hope over 6 months of waiting they will have learned their lessons.  Once we identify a Web Wallet of a TBC Discounter that has SOLD TBC at a discount, we will inflect the same punishment of 6 months’ suspension on ALL of their Buyers Web Wallets too.  Buying from a TBC Discounter is also breaking the Membership Agreement.  Admin can clearly see who is buying from who.  NEVER BUY FROM A TBC DISCOUNTER!
Launching the first “Abundance-Based” currency built upon crypto-currency technology (Clone of Bitcoin) means we have to behave differently than the other Alt-coins out there.  This new Web Wallet certainly centralizes TBC at this time.  Later we will move towards a decentralized structure once we have secured the “Abundance Movement” of people.  Our software code is not open source at this time for the same reasons.  We are protecting all of the investments made in TBC and that means we have to exercise extreme caution in our roll out.  Please spend the time to study all of the articles in the Education area, you cannot assume the first “Abundance-Based” currency will follow all of the same protocols (Rules) as all of the other crypto-currencies out there.  Our mission to End Poverty globally will prevail and you will be proud to be a  part of a community working towards making this a better world for ALL.
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