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Thursday, 29 September 2016

Trusting us for your purchase of TBC The billion coin.

Trust is something gained not forced for.

Hello people,
Are you afraid of getting scammed by so called scammers? Are you scared of loosing your money through people you dont know or people you dont trust?
Here is my advice for you today, we are a team of trusted TBC The billion coin sellers and we from 1-170,000 TBC The billion coin depending on your choice of demand.
We have proved trusted b some of our customers and still looking forward to gain some more trust from you reading this.

Please note, it is going to be a painful thing getting scammed from someone/a person after you have gone through this article.

if you confused about where to contact us here is our email address, you can contact us through this email or you use the "where to find us section below". We will respond to your email immediately we get it.

Also note,
We accept bitcoin, paypal, payoneer and other means of payments for transaction and if you haven't created your wallet please do that using this link here and if you don't know how to create a wallet here is a guide on that  here 

You will send your currency value before we transfer your demanded TBC The billion coin.

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