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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our Long awaited agreement is and trust please try not to break

The Foundation of the crypto-cash called THEBILLIONCOIN is the TBC Membership Agreement! The makers of THEBILLIONCOIN have worked hard to structure a crypto-money that makes riches for ALL of its Users until it develops to the point where each TBC coin will be worth One-Billion-Euros per TBC coin. Each of you has a personal stake in securing your TBC coins and the entire TBC people group, particularly the TBC Foundation!

Respect the Current Price of TBC dependably! The TBC Formula programming drives the cost of TBC and it promises You that the cost will never go down; it just goes up until it achieves the Ultimate Price of TBC. This is all product driven and works consequently! THIS WILL MAKE YOU RICH!

As a Seller of TBC coins you are breaking the TBC Membership Agreement on the off chance that you charge an extra expense to finish an exchange. Purchasers ought to never request a markdown for their buy of TBC coins generally the Buyer has abused the TBC Membership Agreement. Both of these exercises will bring about breaks inside the TBC Foundation and enough splits consolidated could decimate the whole structure TBC is based upon. Endowments of TBC coins then again, don't break the TBC Foundation since it doesn't affect the Current Price of TBC by any means. Giving without end one TBC coin to somebody resemble giving the collector a future that has the capability of transforming them into a Billionaire some time or another not far off. Amazing! What a blessing!

Inside the TBC people group, together we will lift individuals out of neediness, and we are set for break individuals out of manufactured shortage so that one day ALL of humankind can appreciate plenitude and thriving! It's a major mission, and we can do it!

Simply recall that we work outside of the "Business sectors." So, the cost per TBC coin is the very same, in any case on the off chance that you are assuming the part of the Seller or Buyer. There are no "Edges" since "Edges" are a piece of the "Business sectors." We are FREE from the turmoil of the "Business sectors!"

On the off chance that you see other TBC Members taking part in exercises that could break the TBC Foundation, tenderly urge them to begin their training by perusing this article. We just need what is best for everybody; and may this TBC coin favor You and every one of the general population in Your life that you think about!

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