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Friday, 28 October 2016

thebillioncoin will be down for a few hours.

hello everyone,

Thebillioncoin site will be down for a few hours today due to the upgrade and maintenance of the site as a whole. Please do not panic at all this is coming straight from the admin.

if you noticed the site now has a new look and has changed from the former to which is really encouraging.

Please relax and enjoy this new crypto currency, its all about tbc.


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    today its out of reach for many simply because it value has being sky rocketed to the
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    you to invest in them and reap the dividends in the future. Why i sell my TBC at a cheaper rate is simply because even if 1 TBC is equal to 1 billion euro if people do not know or use this
    currency then it is considered valueless just like the challenges the Nigerian naira is
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