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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

why you dont see your coins in your wallet??

Hello everyone,
Some people have been texting me asking me questions about their coins, why they don't see their coins in the wallets.
i will start by saying this, Thebillioncoin is a trusted coin that uses a block-chain process which makes the coin so real. If you have made some research about block-chain you will find out that the block chain system is not easy to build at all and it costs so much to maintain as well to handle. Most cryptocurrencies Don't have blockchains at all and people still run into them like they are so real and here you find a cryptocurrency like thebillioncoin with such expensive block-chain system and you still call it a Hyip and some still go as far as calling it scam. My dear people around the world please open your eyes to this wonder Thebillioncoin is a promising crypocurrency that is ready to make you rich by all means and they are really trying their best to help you see that as well, if you are not convinced yet you can check out this article of mine "Why people are afraid of going Into tbc The Billion Coin and reasons why you should try it out." here.

You actually see your coins because the Admins are working on a better platform where transactions can be done easily, they are working on the block-chain system and are modifying it for better transactions.

To those who are finding it difficult to to see their coins here is the trick from thebillioncoin admin, "change the https in your wallet address to just (http) and then change the 002 to (001)" that should work perfectly for you.

here is an example of what i mean "!11a111111"

then modify to this

Enjoy tbc Thebillioncoin


  1. Hello!
    i cant see my coin too and i use "" not "tbc002,net" pls help pronto.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I open a web wallet at https 002 bcos i taught its more aecure than the apps wallet ...and try to put in 1TBC ...Just one day ago TBC wallet becomes empty...what should i do...

  4. i did transfer from my trade wallet to my mobile wallet since 2am till now i have not seen it why

  5. i did transfer from my trade wallet to my mobile wallet since last two days till now i have not seen it why

  6. hello im allan, why i cannot open my tbc wallet? when i enter the desire username and password, this dialog box appears " We're sorry, but something went wrong." If you are the application owner check the logs for more information. what happened am i being hacked, pls help me how to retrieved my coins :( thank you

    1. This is happening to me now. Today is april 10, 2017. Cant open wallet. But im log in.

      What is the solution?

  7. Am unable to transfer my tbc coins to another account.... Why???

  8. Why is it that some tbc sent to other wallet are delayed pls i want to know cos i have 17 unit unconfirmed transaction


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