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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Conquer the elite group Now or Never!!!

Hello everyone,
Listen to the word directly from Here

Previous US Ambassador William Mount says coming soon to America, a "War on Cash." India is the latest case of this "War on Cash." The effect made Bitcoin soar in India: achieves 995-in-india-after-government-rendered-most-money pointless/

I've been cautioning the Elected Leaders that time is short. The "Elites" have an arrangement for the world, and constraining 99% of the total populace to share just 1% of all the cash on the planet is only the start. Our message needs to get out to the masses NOW! Before it is past the point of no return! The Billion Coin is a cash free from the control of the banks and governments–in different words, it is free from the control of the "Tip top." The sooner we touch base at one billion confirmed individuals owning some TBC the better for the entire world. There is wellbeing in numbers. The "General population" ought to be the power that moves this Earth, not a little gathering of "Elites." Get this message out there as quick as possible!
We can actually do this lets spread the good news now!!!

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