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Monday, 7 November 2016

Wallet differences and issues? Read this!!!

Hello everyone,
I have been getting several emails from people asking what the wallet differences are and why they have to change https to http, tbc002 to tbc001. below is a brief explanation of what http and https mean as well as the change from tbc002 to tbc001.

What is the contrast amongst http and https ?

Huge numbers of you might know about this distinction, yet it is

worth sharing for any that are not.....

The principle contrast between http://and https://is all

about keeping you secure

HTTP remains for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

The S (enormous amaze) remains for "Secure".. In the event that you visit a

Site or site page, and take a look at the address in the web program, it is likely to start with the accompanying: http://.

This  means that the website is talking to your  browser using

the customary unsecured dialect. At the end of the day, it is feasible for somebody to "listen stealthily" on your PC's discussion with the Website. In the event that you round out a frame on the site, somebody may see the data you send to that site.

This is the reason you never at any point enter your Visa number in an

Http site! However, in the event that the web address starts with https://, that

implies your PC is talking with the site in a

Secure code that nobody can listen in on.

You comprehend why this is so critical, isn't that so?

In the event that a site ever requests that you enter your Credit/Debit card

Data, you ought to naturally hope to check whether the web

address starts with https://. or with http

i hope this gives you a clear understanding of what they both mean.

Coming to the area of tbc002 and tbc001, this is a clear and simple procedure the tbc002 is the original wallet address from the admin while the tbc001 is a backup to tbc's blockchain programme.

if you have taken a look at your wallet recently you will also notice the updates to the wallet and now you can also access your wallets with tbc003 which i advice is not relevant to do so.

i hope this is clear to everyone, if you still have questions about this please leave a comment below or use our contact dialog below to reach us through our emails.

Great TBC!!!
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  1. So from your explanation, which one is advisable to use and why?

  2. nice bLog! its interesting. thank you for sharing....


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