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Saturday, 17 December 2016

TBC Thebillioncoin Christmas best offer!!!

Hello everyone,
We welcome you all to this wonderful TBC site and we believe we are trying our very best to keep you updated. Its that time of the season again when Kringles Santa come to share his will/blessings free, its the blessed Christmas season again and we approach a better year ahead fro TBC in 2017.

To our understanding we have noticed that some people are getting scammed from selling and buying coins from individuals who sell peer to peer, today we are giving you all a chance to buy your coins from us today and if we ever scam or have scammed you earlier please feel free to drop a negative comment about us below on the comment box.

TBC is going places, purchase your coins with us NOW!!!

Call us today or whatsapp us with this line +2348021453688


We have just limited stock now, so its on a first come first serve basics...... The more you buy the better the price

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