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Friday, 28 October 2016

thebillioncoin will be down for a few hours.

hello everyone,

Thebillioncoin site will be down for a few hours today due to the upgrade and maintenance of the site as a whole. Please do not panic at all this is coming straight from the admin.

if you noticed the site now has a new look and has changed from the former to which is really encouraging.

Please relax and enjoy this new crypto currency, its all about tbc.
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Our Long awaited agreement is and trust please try not to break

The Foundation of the crypto-cash called THEBILLIONCOIN is the TBC Membership Agreement! The makers of THEBILLIONCOIN have worked hard to structure a crypto-money that makes riches for ALL of its Users until it develops to the point where each TBC coin will be worth One-Billion-Euros per TBC coin. Each of you has a personal stake in securing your TBC coins and the entire TBC people group, particularly the TBC Foundation!

Respect the Current Price of TBC dependably! The TBC Formula programming drives the cost of TBC and it promises You that the cost will never go down; it just goes up until it achieves the Ultimate Price of TBC. This is all product driven and works consequently! THIS WILL MAKE YOU RICH!

As a Seller of TBC coins you are breaking the TBC Membership Agreement on the off chance that you charge an extra expense to finish an exchange. Purchasers ought to never request a markdown for their buy of TBC coins generally the Buyer has abused the TBC Membership Agreement. Both of these exercises will bring about breaks inside the TBC Foundation and enough splits consolidated could decimate the whole structure TBC is based upon. Endowments of TBC coins then again, don't break the TBC Foundation since it doesn't affect the Current Price of TBC by any means. Giving without end one TBC coin to somebody resemble giving the collector a future that has the capability of transforming them into a Billionaire some time or another not far off. Amazing! What a blessing!

Inside the TBC people group, together we will lift individuals out of neediness, and we are set for break individuals out of manufactured shortage so that one day ALL of humankind can appreciate plenitude and thriving! It's a major mission, and we can do it!

Simply recall that we work outside of the "Business sectors." So, the cost per TBC coin is the very same, in any case on the off chance that you are assuming the part of the Seller or Buyer. There are no "Edges" since "Edges" are a piece of the "Business sectors." We are FREE from the turmoil of the "Business sectors!"

On the off chance that you see other TBC Members taking part in exercises that could break the TBC Foundation, tenderly urge them to begin their training by perusing this article. We just need what is best for everybody; and may this TBC coin favor You and every one of the general population in Your life that you think about!

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

why you dont see your coins in your wallet??

Hello everyone,
Some people have been texting me asking me questions about their coins, why they don't see their coins in the wallets.
i will start by saying this, Thebillioncoin is a trusted coin that uses a block-chain process which makes the coin so real. If you have made some research about block-chain you will find out that the block chain system is not easy to build at all and it costs so much to maintain as well to handle. Most cryptocurrencies Don't have blockchains at all and people still run into them like they are so real and here you find a cryptocurrency like thebillioncoin with such expensive block-chain system and you still call it a Hyip and some still go as far as calling it scam. My dear people around the world please open your eyes to this wonder Thebillioncoin is a promising crypocurrency that is ready to make you rich by all means and they are really trying their best to help you see that as well, if you are not convinced yet you can check out this article of mine "Why people are afraid of going Into tbc The Billion Coin and reasons why you should try it out." here.

You actually see your coins because the Admins are working on a better platform where transactions can be done easily, they are working on the block-chain system and are modifying it for better transactions.

To those who are finding it difficult to to see their coins here is the trick from thebillioncoin admin, "change the https in your wallet address to just (http) and then change the 002 to (001)" that should work perfectly for you.

here is an example of what i mean "!11a111111"

then modify to this

Enjoy tbc Thebillioncoin
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Thursday, 6 October 2016

here is an example of an email that slows the admins down.

Hello everyone,
i have personally copied this article from a group and published it on this site because some people are son impatient and its not helping the case at all. Bitcoin took almost three years before it got its fame and TBC is just 6 months old and you are criticizing it here and there. If you believe this is a scam why not sell out all your coins to valuable buyers who are ready to purchase your coin at the current rate and make as much profit as you want and regret later than wasting the time of the admins. here is a post to those who are afraid TBC is a scam, read it here 

  Now here a message from a TBC member and the admins reply as well.

"Admin October 6, 2016
Apparently a TBC Millionaire Member wrote this email to us today:
Youre only thingking for yourself, we also need our coin to be sold but you as admin always selling 50% off to members. You have no plan for making a true exchanger for all the people to earn too. You dont know now? That because of always false promises of your exchanger some stake holder selling their tbc coins in very lower price $0.25 cents per tbc lol? Many people thinking now negative for this coins called tbc because of this tbc very is hard to sell. We only millionaire in thinking but in the truth is nothing. We just like fooling ourselves for staking a coin that no value in crypto market. Maybe youre a HYIP owner before and youre only aftering peoples money. Change poverty? Maybe for your team only but not for us as coin holder!!! Youre trading site is fake and no buyers because i transact it how many times for almost 2 months with only 72 tbc but it always cancelled and no one will buy…congrats for collecting peoples money.
My personal Response (By the way, we really don’t answer these types of emails because complainers only waste everyone’s time):
We are raising the revenue needed to build and maintain a very complex system of technology and we are partnering 50/50 with Hosts to sell the remaining stake. They deserve the commission for their efforts to sell the Stake out. Do you have any idea how much all of this costs to build and maintain?
We did build a real exchange between TBC and Bitcoin, and it wasn’t cheap to build it. This is highly customized software development! Go ahead and buy a small amount of TBC on the exchange using Bitcoin and see how fast your order is filled. Traffic to the exchange is now the issue, not the technology. We have partnered with all of the members to help drive traffic to the exchange, but it takes time for momentum to build up to the point we have more Buyers than Sellers. The price of TBC changes once a day and the Exchange closes all unfilled orders automatically when the price changes, and this is to be expected.
We work hard daily bringing value to the TBC coin, but we are not fully matured and you need to see the vision of what we are doing to fully appreciate our efforts to create wealth for you. The members who spend time in the education area of the website have learned that you can easily sell TBC at full price for cash. The successful members have been following all of Admins advice as we unfold our entire system.
So, let’s be real with each other for a moment. I personally invested thousands of Dollars into setting up this crypto-currency before collecting a single cent. I spent several months of my valuable time and effort to make this for YOU, and all the other members. My money was returned, and TBC is debt free and we are building a system to last till the end of time, but we are far from finished in completing it. Building the community is not cheap either, and that is the most important part of any currency. So, my question to you is: What have you invested in this as far as money, time, and effort? Also, what is your expectation for that amount invested?
The real issue here is not Admin, it is your lack of belief. You are free to believe as you wish, but at this time you seem to be a non-believer. Do you even believe in yourself? You should! It is almost impossible to believe in anything, if you do not even believe in yourself."

here is a post to those who are afraid TBC is a scam, read it here hope this post helps you.
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You don't need to have a whole TBC coin to be wealthy!

Hello everyone,
Some of you might be wondering what a Kringle is, a Kringle is similar to the term Satoshi if you are familiar with bitcoin.
And to those who are not familiar with these terms at all, a Kringle is a fraction of 1TBC lets say
0.00000001 TBC = 1.00000000 KRINGLE 
that is a part of 1TBC.
That means you do not need to have a whole TBC coin to be wealthy. Below is a table showing the value of partial TBC coins on October 9th, 2017!
Here is a partial projection of what I mean,
TBCDate Value
1 TBC October 9, 2017 1,000,000,000 €
0.1 TBC October 9, 2017 100,000,000 €
0.01 TBC October 9, 2017 10,000,000 €
0.001 TBC October 9, 2017 1,000,000 €
0.0001 TBC October 9, 2017 100,000 €
0.00001 TBC October 9, 2017 10,000 €
0.000001 TBC October 9, 2017 1,000 €
0.0000001 TBC October 9, 2017 100 €
0.00000001 TBC October 9, 2017 10 €
We have introduced you all to the Kringle, which is 100,000,000th of 1 TBC coin. On October 9th, 2017 we expect the value of a Kringle to be worth 10 Euros each. See the charts and tables here Soon we will move the discussion from TBC to Kringles so that people will appreciate the value of every coin. Each Kringle represents a future 10 Euro Bill! It’s easier for people to wrap their heads around that verses a number that starts with a decimal and then perhaps some zeros in a TBC amount. Kringles are AWESOME!

You can also check out why people are afraid of joining TBC here
if you still want to get the TBC mobile wallet you can read and download it from here

Have a great day!!!

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Smash coin now accepts TBC The billion coin.

Hello everyone,
I got a news that the smash coin community now accepts TBC The billion coin,

here is what they said personally, 

"Over the past few weeks we have been approached
by many and asked if we would accept The Billion Coin in exchange for SmashCoin.
We have been deliberating this decision with the
owner and he has agreed to do this but on a very
reduced TBC rate only.

So from today we will be accepting TBC coins and
the rate is as follows:
1 TBC will purchase 5 SmashCoins only. This
annoucement may enable TBC coin holders to
diversify their crypto portfolio.
To avail of this all you need to do is select
TBC as a payment option in the purchase page.
You can first send your TBC here to the following
address: Tj2ka5egA2mx5kJM31LyPAJDuzawkbx7pE
Once you have made payment send a support ticket
with your SmashCoin username and transaction ID.
Upon confirmation and receipt of TBC we will
deposit the correct amount of SmashCoin to your
SmashCoin back office.
Thank you!"

To my understanding of what Smash coin is, Smashcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses the 'Vault" process. what do i mean? you buy Smashcoin from them using BTC and they store that in their Vault as the price of Smashcoin increases every day by 1% as said on their website. after a month or so which is every 19th of each month the Vault is opened for those who purchased the Smashcoin to exchange the Smashcoin to BTC at the current rate of Smashcoin at that time.

Currently their are lots of people lining up to purchase the Smashcoin with their TBC's, and my advice on this is be careful with what you do with your coins currently because
I have also checked the cryptocurrency market and I couldnt find Smashcoin on the list as well, be careful remeber that TBC grows daily as well.

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Did you miss the BTC golden opportunity, here is another opportunity TBC "The billion coin"

Do you remember?
1 BTC price was 1$ on 2009? Now it's value 600$.
If you purchased 100 BTC at 2009 then you could have 60000$ now.
Did you miss chance? No problem

Launch price was 0.001$ 21st march, 2016 and 14.4$ now.
Price will go 25$ to end of Nov 2016

1 to 5% daily growth

Main page:
Check current price:

TBC payment already ACCEPTED in Philippines
❌ No Min Investment, No Condition, No Helping❌

Growing worldwide in these countries:
Philippines, USA, UK, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, Hongkong, Ghana, India, Malaysia, Kambodia, Pakistan, Vietnam, Soudi Arabia

Register at:
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How to create TBC wallet:

Please create your TBC wallet, get free TBC

Buy TBC your TBC or miss the golden opportunity as you missed for BTC.
You can't get today's rate again.
It's still low. It's the right time to invest for daily growth.

please email us, call us, or send us a message on whatsapp with our number 08021453688
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