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Saturday, 17 December 2016

TBC Thebillioncoin Christmas best offer!!!

Hello everyone,
We welcome you all to this wonderful TBC site and we believe we are trying our very best to keep you updated. Its that time of the season again when Kringles Santa come to share his will/blessings free, its the blessed Christmas season again and we approach a better year ahead fro TBC in 2017.

To our understanding we have noticed that some people are getting scammed from selling and buying coins from individuals who sell peer to peer, today we are giving you all a chance to buy your coins from us today and if we ever scam or have scammed you earlier please feel free to drop a negative comment about us below on the comment box.

TBC is going places, purchase your coins with us NOW!!!

Call us today or whatsapp us with this line +2348021453688


We have just limited stock now, so its on a first come first serve basics...... The more you buy the better the price

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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fastest way to sell TBC thebillioncoin!!!

TBC - The Quickest Way How To Sell Your TBC Coins

Take in The Quickest Way How To Sell Your TBC Coins.

There are 4 simple strides and they are as per the following:

1. Advance TBC

Recall why you joined TBC. What got you inspired by it?

Is it accurate to say that it was the 5% every day? The astonishing vision? The development of the coin in time? Put your own turn on this and develop your own particular group of onlookers. There are millions on Facebook that haven't knew about the Billion Coin yet but then I see individuals getting disappointed in light of the fact that no one will buy their coin in the TBC bunches. Well it's the ideal opportunity for some extreme love. They won't buy coins since they either as of now have them, are upbeat managing their trusted merchant or wish to buy straightforwardly from site.

I would ask all individuals to end up distinctly a partner without a doubt yet to offer your own particular coin, you'll have to advance TBC

2. Assemble Relationships

It's not hard by any means. The individual who moved toward me about TBC was a young woman from the Philippines. She informed me all regarding the group and addressed my inquiries. I enlisted and she gave me one coin...FREE. At that point I acquired significantly more coin from her. It was that simple for her. Presently I just buy from her or the site. She set aside the opportunity to message me secretly and address me. We now have an incredible relationship. I don't have to state any longer Smile

3. Get People Plugged In!

As a major aspect of building connections, if individuals are occupied with what you need to state, and they will be Smile motivate them to enlist their free record Enlighten them concerning the free preparing and instructive materials in the back office, all the details they will ever require and a large group of different individuals who are flourishing in various nations all around the globe. You can blessing them a coin after you help them set up their wallet.

What are the odds they will buy from you and not any other individual? Fabulous I would state Smile

You are not just grabbing fabricate long haul connections, you are helping each other part in the group moreover. There will come a period when your own particular coin will be justified regardless of an incredible arrangement and having numerous connections developed will just build your odds of getting future based purchasers.

This will obviously be in extra to any trades there will be or the a large number of TBC acknowledged vendors from all around the world.

4. Offer Them Coin!

Offer them the coin that you have. You don't have to do this in TBC Facebook bunches, you can lead private trusted exchanges. On the off chance that you bomb on any exchange, you will have harmed your notoriety and that is difficult to get back. So guarantee you are straightforward when managing potential purchasers. A trusted purchaser is extremely valuable so simply be a trusted merchant Smile

I saw a person on Facebook yesterday producing awesome enthusiasm for TBC with his one of a kind promoting. I was exceptionally awed! So connect to your enthusiasm, what got you keen on TBC and compose a few advertisements for yourself and go ahead.

Be your own particular trade while we sit tight for the group to detonate. Things will be distinctive then, we are still in early stages. This is your infant, get it going and you'll have purchasers in numbers.

I hope this gives you better ideas on how to sell you coins better!!!

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