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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Tbc Thebillioncoin SCAM REVIEW!!!

Why are people so ignorant of what they see is true? Today we shall break down our thoughts about TBC Thebillioncoin so you can decide for yourself.


TBC coin is a cryptocurrency invented on March 21st, 2016.  Since its invention, there has been a lot of tension and speculations due to the promises the coins claim to bring. There many reasons why people say TBC is a scam.
First and foremost the most common reason is because TBC coin coincidentally has a similar name with a previous coin which came and failed. TBcoin like Tuberculosis Coin. This misunderstand has grown wild because of a review made by bitcointalk to warn people to stay away from that fraudulent TBcoin. 

Now I want you guys to understand that the review made by bitcointalk has nothing to do with The Billion Coin (TBC). You can follow the link( to read the review for yourself and also follow their link to the TBcoin official site( The TBcoin website is even no more after a lot of people became aware of its scam intention. It was a real scam.This misunderstanding has grown so wild that others in the community who did not know what the review was about pick up the real billion coin and painted it black but guys you can make your own informed decision after reading this review.

Secondly others say, TBC is scam because it claims to increase 1-5% daily which has never happened in the market of cryptocurrency. Now I really understand and relate with anyone with this ideology. Its really difficult for people to accept new stuffs because its not in line with what they already know. The value of every cryptocurrency is determined by the market of demand and supply. Simply, it means that, say if the demand of bitcoins go up then the price of bitcoins correspondingly increase and vise versa. 
However with TBC, the coin claims never to come down in value which doesn't make any sense talking from experience with previous cryptocurrencies and some basic economics.

On the contrary, TBC coin is a new innovative idea introduced into the crypto world. May be the only mistake was calling TBC coin a cryptocurrency. As all other cryptocurrencies' values are market base, TBC coin's value is user base. 

What does that mean 'user base', the idea of user base means that the value of the coin is determined by the number of verified members in the TBC community and not necessarily how they are using the coin. This simply means that the more people join the community, the higher the price of the coin. However the coin has an ultimate price of one billion euros(€1 b) hence the name The Billion Coin. 
Why 1 billion euros, what if the people on the coin exceeds one billion? 

The software is programmed to keep track of the number verified members until it reaches its ultimate of 1 billion people, mind you this doesn't mean only one billion people can join the community, it just means only 1 billion will be accounted for. Consequently, since the price of the coin moves with the verified members, the price will also come to a halt at 1 billion euros(€1 b) per coin.

Now this makes sense just that its sounds too good to be true. Its not our fault to have doubts but its our fault if we miss the opportunity to be in the growth stage of the currency, an opportunity to be a millionaire, an opportunity to be of help to others, an opportunity to employ those who didn't believe.

Thirdly, people are losing trust in the coin because they do not understand the concept of the coin. You can follow the like the learnt about the concept and why the coin was invented in the first place. Follow this link and watch the video on TBC concept.

Most members in the community are losing trust because they find it difficult to exchange the coin for a fiat currency(cash) after buying and growing the coin for sometime. Most people are crying for exchangers  but I say exchangers will play less role to the success of the coin.
Here is the ugly or beautiful truth depending on how you want to take it. I'm going to be straight forward here. The coin was not invented to be like any other cryptocurrency that you buy today and exchange tomorrow when the price starts going down or buy more when you suspect a price increase, TBC coin is not stock. This coin was invented to put an end to poverty hence the abundance nature of the coin. TBC does not need exchangers, now reason with me. 

When TBC reaches its ultimate of €1b there will be 1 billion coins in circulation. Now do the maths, $1b x 1 billion coins, that's a lot of zeros. Which fiat currency is that much to exchange for all TBC holders. Guys the coin was made for a purpose.

The purpose of the coin is to be accepted as a global means of exchange. The coin is here to replace the fiat currency and solve the problems created by Fiat currencies. Before you can use your fiat currency to purchase in another currency, you need to exchange your currency to the currency of the other country. This creates a lot of problems for businesses in developing nations. For example, a business in Africa say, Ghana or south Africa or any other African country signs a contract with a business in USA to supply goods wealth say $20,000 with a rate of ghc 4 to $1(ghc 80,000). Now this business man in Ghana after selling all the products makes ghc 90,000. He has at least made a profit of ghc 10,000 but just when he goes to the bank to pay his supplier, finds out that the dollar rate is now ghc 5 to $1, meaning he now has to pay the bank ghc 100,000 so his supplier gets his $20,000, you can see the inconveniences this can create to businesses. TBC coin is here to be a global currency for all nations, why will you run away from this opportunity.

You may ask if we believe in TBC why sell it then? 
The only reason why we sell the coin now is just to make it circulate so everyone can also get the coin. If all holders refuse to circulate and hoard all the coins then new members will have no coins to also keep till the ultimate price is achieved. The coin was made to create more millionaires and billionaires not just to make 1 or 2% of the population wealthy which will send us to square 1.

The coin is here to be used for trading, payments and any other thing we do with the Fiat currency so you see why i say exchangers are not necessary. Because if you exchange TBC coin to fiat currency today, tomorrow if you need TBC coin, you will need to pay more for it since its increases everyday. I believe exchangers will hinder the growth and importance of the currency in its growing stage.
We have to stop pulling this currency down to fail and push forward for its success because the success of the currency is not in economics theory nor in the hands of the government, its in our hands. We can decide whether TBC will fail or succeed.

Sometimes its too hard to understand people who says TBC coin is scam for none of the above reasons, if you have TBC and enters my shop and i say i accept TBC as payment and my supplier also accepts it and the person providing the raw materials for my supplier also accepts it and the food and agriculture sectors also accept the currency and we all join together and work with the currency, where and what is the SCAM.  

Do not worry yourself to sell your few TBC just because you do not believe in it or worry about exchangers rather spread the good news and let more people know about it so you can pay your fees and buy anything you dream of with the coin.

You should also try and sell some of your TBC coin, if you have a lot so that more people can also get this currency. The reason why its hard for you to sell your coins is because you want to sell to people who already have the coins or people who do not understand the concept of the coin, help more people to understand the concept of TBC and the good it brings with it and we will all be happy.

My only advice for all those who think they are too smart to be scammed is that, its better to lose some money to try TBC out than to keep your few money and later realize your mistake after the success of TBC.


  1. very very very true and deep.keep it up. provide more of such materials and keep flying them to go viral.we need such coin to create equity in the world.

  2. thank u TBC for your coming,we go to this kind of currency that end poverty

  3. Wow I can now have rest of mind with my TBC coin

  4. What make a demand for a product which in turn makes price rises, is not the number of people in the market but, the number of people who are willing to buy that product at a particular price over a given period in time, with the ability to pay hence, it becomes a want which does not impact on price. presently there are more sellers of tbc that buyers yet, price keeps increasing! Dosnt add up

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  8. TBC Really rocks, the ideology is better, i give free TBC to those who come to ask questions and i make them understand, most of my TBC sales are from this same people who came to me for explanation, they bring their friends to and we share commission, in that way am publisizing TBC, making people know about it, having good sales, guys some people are accepting tbc very well so if u have the coin and u are angry for not ve sold yet, remember it a peer to peer currency and if u must excel in this community then gather people and educate them, give them something for free but it not really free as u tell them to bring friends into the big picture and their friends buys. have a rethink friends

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    2. Please give me some TBC :) Thanks in advance

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  10. You will open your eyes one day and figure out how naive you were with TBC joke. It is like blind leading the blind, anyway you will learn when you figure out that you can't buy a shit with TBC , you're being tricked by scammers, hyped people and MLM gurus and you're becoming one of them and now you wanna sell your crap to other poor people who are also lacking of knowledge , I feel sorry for you and all other naive people who will learn their lesson hard way and shame on those who are making money by selling crap

  11. hello i made a transfert from my account to an other account since 3 days but the transaction still unconfirmed, what happen ? can you give me information about this problems?

  12. I love such encouragement it boost moral Amen

  13. Well, I took the risk and I would love to watch and see what becomes of this whole TBC stuff. When I was first told about BTC, I doubted its relevance and worth. Few years down the line, I'm still counting my losses. Life in itself is a risk and I'm happy to take that risk!

    ......,..""""""_""THANK. YOU..."""""

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    Later, our fore-fathers discovered money from water (river and sea). The money is called COWRY, cowry became an existing currency that was used as a means of exchange amongst individuals in the ancient times. Note: cowry was not made by any bank all they did was, go to the river or sea and look for cowry..

    NOTE:only those that could go to sea and do deep sea diving monopolized and controlled the use of COWRIES..

    Later, our forefathers migrated from cowry currency to coins currency, if you can remember the stories told by our fathers, you will know that the coins used then was pounds,
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  17. Let them flas us with instant exchanger only for 1 month, take it back and then see how many people will flock into tbc. Now that the price has not reached 1billion euros, the best strategy to get people use the coin is to bring an exchanger(not the one you have to pay first), but only for one month, so many people will exchange no doubt. Those who did not trust in the coin or understand it will now be looking for where to buy it, those having it will sell it and those selling at a reduced price will not do so agian. The coin will be so valuable and accepted most especially as the price keeps increasing daily. Try it and see

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