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Friday, 6 January 2017

chris brone

Thebillioncoin TBC takes the news in Nigeria

Admin is impressed with the Leaders in Nigeria.  I personally want to thank Favor Sunano, the TBC Elected Leader of Nigeria, for his tireless efforts to promote TBC.  Nigeria leads the world per capita in driving traffic to our website:  Admin also wants to thank Prisca Agwu for her leadership which lead to TBC getting such a positive review by this Newspaper:
I have an idea that will surely impress the author of this article Ayo Alonge, an important figure in the news media of Nigeria.  Let’s all send her a thank you email and donate 100,000 Kringles (0.001 TBC) to a wallet Admin made for her:  Tb2Qc3TjtAxzkq6TnRfPwjGAMa9mvTBL2y
You can email her at:
There are over 60,000 of us, and let’s spread this news about this article and collective gift campaign to all of our members and encourage everyone to participate.  We are truly grateful for the positive review by Sun Newspaper in Nigeria.

chris brone

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