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Monday, 9 January 2017

Thebillioncoin TBC updated web wallet.

NOTICE: TBC has a new Web Wallet available now. Please take the time to sign up at

This wallet server will be unavailable after January 31, 2017 so please take the time to move your coins to your new 004 wallet.

Moving your coins is simple. Upon signing up at you will receive a new TBC receiving address. Transfer your TBC coins to that new address and you are all done.

From Admin.


  1. Wallets if tbc for sale. Payment methods: PayPal and Bitcoin. WhatsApp me at: +6287871646970

    1 wallet with 29.999 TBC
    1 wallet with 90 TBC
    1 wallet with 99.9 TBC
    1 wallet with 235 TBC
    1 wallet with 10 TBC
    1 wallet with 13.99 TBC
    1 wallet with 115.9 TBC
    1 wallet with 366 TBC

  2. TBC Police is after the people selling TBC for discount. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SELL LESS OR MORE THAN THE STATED PRICE.

  3. Patrick are you NOW the Self ordained TBC police?


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