Friday, 3 February 2017

Fact why people can't sell TBC coins

Hello everyone,
We have been hearing rumors that people can't sell their coins because the price of TBC is too high. This a false statement and why are we saying this, some people do not understand what TBC is here for, they do not know what we call KRINGLES, they are so ignorant of this little trick of how to sell this coins at the current price. I want to ask you a question, do you think owning a whole whole TBC will make you rich?? Have you tried owning less than a whole TBC and check its equivalent price in euro to know its worth??? Please pick up your calculators today and do this simple mathematics.

If a whole TBC is worth $1500, what do you think a one quarter or half a whole TBC would worth?? Or have you thought of owning even 0.001tbc and tries checking its worth?? Do you think you won't be rich as well if you don't hold on to less than a whole TBC. People out there please try to educate people on this logics so they won't sell TBC below the current price. If they can't afford a TBC please educate them to buy leas than a whole TBC rather a TBC they can't afford to prevent TBC from devaluing.

Tbc is not Bitcoin rather is it litecoin or swiscoin please treat this coin as your treasure cause it will always and will always be the first abundance based currency.
Currently the price of Bitcoin is more than $900, who amongst individuals are ready to cough out that amount to buy a whole Bitcoin, they buy satoshis which is also similar to Kringle's of TBC so I encourage everyone to sell in Kringle's or sell in dollar or euro equivalent.
Meanwhile instaed of selling less than the current price you can ask the buyer the amount in dollar or euro he or she can purchase then calculate its equivalent in tbc then you can transact, I.e a buyer says he wants to buy $60 worth of TBC then you use the current price to calculate $60 with of TBC and then send to the buyer, as simple as that.

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. wow!!! thanks for this info. i have been bothered on how to sell just 1 TBC. now you've shown me the trick!!! thanks man. hope i can sell my TBC in kringles on thebillioncoin.trade. thanks

  2. Wow thanks alot for the education. The question at hand now is where can one make purchases and pay using Tbc.