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Sunday, 19 February 2017

GOOD BYE TBC Discounters, Scammers and Others.

Report it!!
Here: Thebillioncoin

A TBC Discounter is a Member either discounting TBC coins or attempting to discount TBC coins. This activity is very bad for the moral and confidence of the Members of the TBC community and must be stopped! It’s best to report hard and verifiable evidence that is happening so that we will certainly know we are stopping a Discounter by suspending their wallet for 6 Months. If your evidence is weak, we may choose not to suspend their wallet due to the lack of hard and verifiable evidence. What constitutes hard and verifiable evidence? Screenshots of advertising that the Member is offering TBC at a price lower than the Current price on any given day would be proof that the Member is attempting to discount—that is enough to violate the Membership Agreement even if they were unsuccessful at completing a discounted transaction. The result to Member moral is the same! You may need to play along with an ad to collect their TBC Wallet address from them. Screenshot of that conversation is also needed to prove the connection between the ad and their TBC Wallet Address, also you may be able to collect the Abusers Email and Phone Number too. Do not complete any transaction with them, in the end tell them you changed your mind or whatever to end the conversation. All Buyers TBC Wallets transacting with TBC Discounters (Sellers) will be suspended too; and you don’t want to get your TBC Wallet suspended in the process. The more evidence you provide us about the Discounter the better for us to execute swift justice on behalf of the TBC Community. Thank you for reporting abuse!

Tbcoinnews admin.

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