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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Jewelries for sale with full TBC payments now!!!

hello every oneone,

We have jewelries for sale and they are really nice and they go for full TBC payments now.

Below are images of the product.
Feel free to contact us now for quick purchase.

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. I am interested please email me at

  2. The local TBC exchanger in Nigeria is called
    But you can not register except you have a sponsor well you can use yadnus as your sponsor that is bonus for you.

  3. Am interested in the jewelries.. Email me 08169979552

  4. Get your Thebillioncoins(TBC) for sale. whatsapp me or call me @ +2348133440990. let deals. need buyers

  5. I am

  6. The billion coin (TBC)
    already making waves.... Invest now to become the next billionaire in this 2017....

    To become a member register at and activate through your email.

    Then create your wallet at and activate through your email.

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  7. I can I contact you sir pls give your what's app r fb I'd r email I'd sir


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