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Monday, 6 February 2017

Latest TBC scamming site!!!

hello everyone,
There is a phishing site out there that is ready to steal your TBC coins because thetthey are really precious. I will paste proof of this sitesite please share this post to prevent people, family relations, friends, and so many others out there to prevent this from happening. Let us expose these sites by sharing this posts it will help save coins.

Please let the general public be aware that or Here is a phishing site. They trick you into using your tbc login details to log into their site and once that is done they have your login access that allows them move all your coins.

Here is a picture of how the website looks

Below shows pictures of wallets that have been emptied

Below is there TBC address

Please be aware of this rediculous phishing site.

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. Nawa pool.... God wil catch them all

  2. on my wallet account, there were times that as I send a transaction, it looks like address shown, unconfirm transactions and cancelled but my wallet looks like decreasing? why the tbc doesn't return on my wallet if cancelled or unfonfirm transactions? please help.thanks

  3. can anyone help me find for merchants or stores that sells electronic gadgets accepting full tbc payments please.thanks


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