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Saturday, 4 February 2017

Mobile wallet will be deactivated soon

Hello everyone,
We will turn off the server running the TBC Android Wallet on *February 10th, 2017* in our effort to close all of the loopholes that Scammers and Discounters user to rob the TBC community.  As of February 1st of this year all of the old Web Wallets (001; 002; 003) have been redirected to the new Web Wallet.  This effort gives Admin the power and control to stop the Discounters and Scammers in their tracks–FAST!  We have already identified a number of Scammer TBC wallets and have permanently suspended those wallets.  Scammers will soon learn that all of their efforts to scam the TBC community out of their TBC coins will just be a big waste of their time.   Many improvements are being developed right now for the new 004 Web Wallet including multiple currencies and QR Codes.  Please help us spread this news about the TBC Android Wallet going offline.  We have about 10,000 TBC Android Wallet users at this time.  They all need to hurry and move ALL of their TBC coins NOW!

Tbcoinnews admin.

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