Monday, 27 February 2017

Move your coins now!!!


It seems the old wallets are still opened
Go ahead and rescue your TBC Coins

Don't give up

TBC Coins you missed in old wallets are a common heritage/ asset to our TBC Community

If you lose them... our TBC economy is a loser too since nobody on earth can benefit from those coins in the future

Don't neglect your missing TBC Coins

Think about how many people your coins could make a difference in their lives if those coins were in your NEW Wallet

Let your motto be
*Share the Abundance*

Rush to move them to the new wallets before it is too late

If you don't care about those dropped TBC coins... *we care* about... so, at least do your best to giveaway your TBC Coins instead of makiing them orphans forever

You are responsible towards your TBC Community to preserve your TBC Coins and keep them safely... to secure the bright future and long term abundance for our next generations

Tbcoinnews admin.

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