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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Tbc 002 sever crashing must read!!!

Hello everyone

002 Wallet continues to crash due to heavy traffic.  The sever holding the 002 Wallet cannot handle the web traffic coming to it and locks up so you can’t see your TBC coins and Transactions.  You are all running out of time to move your TBC coins to  If you don’t move your TBC coins over immediately you will lose access to your TBC coins on February 1st, 2017.
If your original wallet was on the 002 server and it is locked up, you can switch servers by removing the “s” out of the https and change the 002 to 001.  See this example:
As you can see in both the URLS and the image above, this is the same wallet.  The servers are just located in different countries and they are with different hosting providers.  The 001 hosting provider was unable to provide us with a SSL certificate, and that is the reason we set up the 002 server.  But the 002 server just can’t take all of the web traffic going to it, and that is one of the reasons we redesigned the web wallet in 004.
So, follow the instructions of removing the “s” and changing the 002 to 001 if you have any problem accessing your TBC coins on the 002 server.  Then quickly move all of your TBC coins from 001; 002; and 003 to the new wallet before the end of January, 2017.  001; 002; and 003 web servers will all be repurposed on February 1st, 2017.  In other words, the web wallet URLs will not work anymore.  Any TBC coins left on these old 2016 web wallets will be in a state of limbo until further notice if they are not moved before the deadline.
It is easy to move all of your TBC coins by using the “max” feature built into the web wallets.  Just type: max
In the TBC Amount field inside the send area of the wallet to pull out all of you TBC coins minus the transaction fee.  See image below:

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