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Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tbc wallet improvement (QR scan)

Hello everyone,

There has been a great improvement in the new wallet server of 004 which is the QR code for easy transfer of funds.

What are the benefits of QR Codes

  • You can decide the action you want the customer to take.
  • They are a market proven, published, ISO standard.
  • Completely measureable.
  • Instant information available to consumers
  • Reduce reprints of advertising material

How can you use a QR Codes

  • Instant link to product details
  • Add your contact info to the users phone
  • Direct shoppers to specific offers
  • Quickly register for an event
  • Offer a coupon
  • Link to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media account
  • Link to video
Call us today and let us work with you to develop the right plan that will help you use this valuable tool to increase your sales, your customers, and your business.

This a very good improvement and it shows that the admin is really working things out to ensure this coin gets where its meant to be.

Tbcoinnews admin.

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