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Friday, 10 March 2017

More TBC phone sales still on!!!

hello everyone,

We have more phones rolling in with high purchases.
We have been getting messages from different people around the world who have been demanding for our product.

We sell more of phones as our laptops are running out of sales.

We want to clarify some issues we are having with some customers.

People have been asking why not full TBC payment?? We are trying our very best to make it full TBC payment and by so doing we make little or no profit to purchase more phones. We are trying to convince merchants to accept our TBC as we are purchasing really high quantities from suppliers as well as companies.

Please note that the product will get to you at a period of 25days maximum.

We will soon post prove of successful transactions with customers as we are gathering it to post them at once.
This is because we are having issues with people who are calling us scammers and still yet we have not scammed any one and we still stand strong because we believe in what we do.

For interested people who are ready to get the products at 40%tbc and 60%cash or btc which is payment before delivery you can contact the admin or WhatsApp using 08021453688.
Please note if you ask so many questions you won't be answered any further as we have so many people to attend to at the moment.

Below are images of newly  arrived iphones and Samsung products now.

See proof of video below.

To get the products as said earlier please message us using this format.












Then send to

contact form below or

WhatsApp 08021453688

Tbcoinnews admin

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