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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tbc sales now on again.

Hello everyone,
We have new products for you once more and it goes through Dubai ways all over the world.

Images of our newly arrived products.

Please use the contact info below to talk to us, most people are using comments and that is not helping because we can't email our response directly.

We have served so many people around the world and more to come.
We don't scam people so please be free to order what you want because it will definitely get to you anywhere you are.

For more info please message us or call our hotline with 08021453688 or message us on WhatsApp and we will respond immediately.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus With FaceTime - 256GB, 4G LTE, Jet Black price 884.59$ (353.836$ TBC/530.754$ cash) (6units)

Apple iPhone 7 Plus With FaceTime - 32GB, 4G LTE, Black Price 726.67$ (290.668$ TBC/ 436$ cash) (10units)

Apple iPhone 7 Plus With FaceTime - 256GB, 4G LTE, Gold Price 898.20$ (359$ tbc / 538.92$ cash) (14units)

Apple iPad Air 2 with Facetime - 9.7 Inch, 128GB, 2GB, 4G LTE, Silver PRICE 653.16$ (40% TBC/60% BTC)

Apple iPad Mini 3 - 128GB, Wifi, Gold PRICE 448.96$ (40% TBC/60% BTC)

People keep asking what the unit stands for, it means "pieces", assuming you come across 10unit it means 10pieces. The more you order the lower the price " discounted prices"

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. Please I need an IPhone 6s add me on WhatsApp +2348032315564... Thanks

  2. I need a I phone 6 - please wats app me +91-9782435179

    I am from India , Asia !

  3. I need iPhone 6s +2348159437727

    From Nigeria

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  5. I'm sure the world will know that we're not just to pay bills with the least earned, we're going to not care about the bills anymore, we shall have enough to cover even for friends! I'm so glad

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