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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tbc thebillioncoin exchanger news!!!

Hello everyone,

!!! Stop it !!!
Stop Asking...
When will there be a TBC exchanger?

I get this question several times a day and I reply:
There is a TBC exchange since November 2016.

Then their follow up is "I have tried it but it does not work.'

Then I say: It works perfectly,  so why do you say it does not work?

Then they always say,  because their coins did not sell.

Of course not!  It is like winning a lottery.  Only 1 out of 100 sell orders are filled.

The question that everyone is really asking is,  When will they be able to sell their TBC coin on a market exchange as quickly as bitcoin?

The answer is disappointing to most,  because they want a miracle to happen.

The answer is, ...  When we are as big as bitcoin.  When our membership rises to 3 million and we are doing  300,000  to 500,000 transactions per day,  then we will be able to trade our TBC,  as quickly to fiat currency as Bitcoin.

The value in TBC is derived from the number of people we have in our community. It is fantastic that we have 86,000 members.  We are doing much better then 95% of the other Crypto currencies.

But we will not have the same acceptance until we prove ourselves,  by buildings the numbers to reach where Bitcoin was first started to make major news.  That happened when Bitcoin reached 1 million people.

Now what you must do,  when people ask,  about being able to sell TBC on an exchange,  tell them:

That we have an exchange but is is not easy to sell there.

The way our TBC coin works is that we all sell to the people we bring to our community, so out of the 500 to 800 people that join TBC community every day, only a handful make a purchase on the exchange.

Even when those few sales happen on our Exchange,  the people that did the work to bring that new member to our community,  are very disappointed that they did not make the sell of their TBC coin.

We all benefit from the people that are growing our community.  And those are the people that SHOULD BENEFIT FROM THE SALE.



If you want to use your TBC now,  and trade it for goods,  services,  or cash, then you must educate yourself about TBC coin. Partner with someone that can help teach you.

Be confident in your answers and know to answer the question you have been asking about the exchanger.

Tbcoinnews admin


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