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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

TBC thebillioncoin scammers and Bitcoin scammers!!!

Hello everyone,

Please be very careful when dealing with your TBC coins unless you will be scammed.

We have been getting cases of people being scammed seriously and we try to update you people on scammers list.

If you devalue the currency then you get scammed.

Below is a short list of scammers now.

‬Also be delicately careful with pASCAL I. kALU, a renowned and First Class Crypto thief and kleptomaniac. He's from Ohafia in Abia State with account details as: Diamond Bank
Pascal .I. Kalu
account number 0057843123. He's an Ebola virus. Please dread his

 This lady thief and kleptomaniac olayinka kemi advertising BTC for 400/$ just posted on this group pls be warned. She's a thief don't deal with her.. She's deadlier than Ebola virus. Her account number is 0719682157. Access Bank. Don't say I didn't tell you. Broadcast her and Pascal Kalu to other groups.

 Pascal Kalu is operator of Bitfund Wasap. He will dupe you. Don't do business with him.

If you have other scammers please leave a comment below or use the contact form to reach us with proof.

Tbcoinnews admin.

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  1. This lady scammed me .


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