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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Tbc thebillioncoin store in Nigeria!!!

Hello everyone,

We have decided to make a WhatsApp group store for fast approach and sales at once.

Here in this group store we will be attending to everyone as you enter the group and as soon as we have delivered your product and you tell the group we have delivered your product to prevent suspicious activities, we will remove you as to accommodate other individuals to also join in group for sales to continue.

Please note, we deal with (40% TBC and 60%btc or cash) for all our products.

Beware of scammers as the group is a public group, we plead that you talk and deal with the admins in the group only.
If you deal out the concern of the admin you are on your own. DEAL WITH ONLY ADMINS OF THE GROUP THEY ARE THERE TO ANSWER TO ALL YOUR REQUESTS.

Do not post irrelevant things as you will be removed immediately from the group.

Below is the group link.

Or click Here

Or click

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