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Friday, 28 April 2017

Best Tbc full Payment Advertisement Plateform.

Hello everyone,

Have you been looking for a way to advertise your business?? Or a very popular way to show your business to the world 🌍 search no more.

Tbcoinnews has come to your aid, we are currently ranking 600k on Alexa globally and thats a great place to be in. Soon we will be ranking 200k globally.

Currently we are working with every state in Nigeria to get their Mega trade fair ad on the site as well as other countries.

Bring your adverts to us today, visit and use our contact form to contact us.
We accept full tbc payment for advert placement and 1500 naira or 0.004btc for the start up package.
You choose were you want your ad to be placed and we give you the price in full tbc payment.
The earlier you request the better spot you choose on the site.

Visit us today

or whatsapp us now using +2348021453688



  1. Buy IPhone,Tv,laptops,games and other stuffs with full TBC as payment then u pay in bitcoin for delivery.
    I bought 4 iPhones,2 infinix note 3,2 apple imac and two other laptop with 1.07 TBC and paid 95$ in bitcoin for delivery and just received it woow soo happy.
    I'm so sorry guys for not posting this as soon as possible i just wanted to confirm it before sharing it with you so sorry.

  2. I need where buy things and make full payments with TBC and also exchange some TBC to BTC please Whatsapp me on 07035714857 for the exchange

  3. Pls whatsapp me too on this 08166149741 for the full payment for phones.Thanks

  4. Contact me for your affordable tbc on 08100933580


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