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Kringle Cash Pre-launch (Videos/Images/Article)

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Admin of TBC wants to harness the power of 100,000 Performers already signed up within the TBC community to reach the objective of finding one billion verified members within the next 90 days.  We are officially in Pre-launch of Kringle Cash, a replicated website for all members of the TBC community.  Over 11,000 Members have already signed up for Kringle Cash before the website was even fully presentable.  This is a strong indicator of just how excited everyone is about this project.  The objective of this project is to turn one billion people on Earth into Millionaires within just one year.  We are on a Mission to End Poverty globally in the year 2018; and a billion Millionaires will certainly have the means to fully employ every man and woman on Earth to end poverty.  Full employment of everyone is the simplest solution to ending poverty; and there is no need to do this through force–such as by communist rule.  In fact, just the opposite–LET’S EMPOWER EVERY MAN, WOMAN, AND CHILD ON EARTH!  Top-down structures create more poverty than they destroy.  An empowered bottom-up strategy will succeed where a top-down one has failed.
So, how will we succeed at such grand global objectives?  The hard part is already done!  A new kind of currency was needed to change the world for the better.  TBC was just an idea in 2015.  In December of 2015 a team of 10 promoters was built and over 100 people joined on the day TBC launched on March 21st, 2016.  We just recently celebrated our 1st Year Anniversary as the first “Abundance-based” currency with over 100,000 Verified Members.

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 Now that we have over 100,000 Members (actually around 150,000 have TBC wallets already) we need a super fast system to distribute the TBC currency globally.  Thus, a replicated website system was built and Kringle Cash is all set up to delivery 100,000 Kringle Coins (Kringles are the smallest change of a TBC coin) to a billion people in just 90 days.  Why just 90 days?  Because 100,000 Kringle coins will be worth over $100 USD on June 30th, 2017, automatically.  A currency that stops moving is no longer a currency.  Over 50,000 TBC Stake Holders have over 10 TBC coins each and are busy selling them through partnerships.  We will not allow a Kringle gift to De-incentivize the purchase of more TBC coins by those receiving this gift.  June 30th of 2017 will be the last day anyone can receive a gift of 100,000 Kringle coins on the Kringle Cash website from Admin.  Admin has set aside one million TBC coins out of the original stake to cover the gifts of one billion people receiving 100,000 Kringle coins each.   This one activity of distributing TBC to over one billion people will solidify the TBC economy forever.  This will all happen at lightning speed.  Over 3 Billion people use the internet today, and about 2 Billion of them are on Facebook.  By sharing our Kringle Cash replicated website links through text messages and private messages on Facebook we will find one Billion of those that will gladly receive this wonderful gift of 100,000 Kringle coins.  Once we fully mature with one Billion Verified Members within the TBC community, the value of 100,000 Kringle coins will become worth 1,000,000.00 Euros per gift receiver, automatically.  Automatically means there are no required efforts needed to bring up the value of these coins.  Once you have and own these coins, the value just goes up according to the TBC formula published in

We are just a few more steps away from uniting one Billion people to use TBC as a very real crypto-currency.

For those just now joining us, your incentive to share this gift of 100,000 Kringle coins is two-fold.  1st of all, everyone has at least 10 people that are close to them in this life.  If you fail to share this gift in time with those 10 people, surely they will lean on you hard when you become a TBC Millionaire and you’ll be forced to share your wealth with them.  It is far better to share this gift with them now, which costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time for each of them.  Then each of them will have their own Million to hold when this gift fully matures.  2nd of all, many are standing by now to partner with you so you can earn handsome commissions now by selling additional TBC coins to those that choose to receive this gift from you.  Most people would gladly pay hundreds of dollars to speed up the time it will take for them to become TBC Millionaires.  The more TBC coins you have in this new economy the better.
Is 90 days enough time to gather one Billion people?  Yes!  It is more than enough time!  First of all, it only takes a few seconds to invite someone to receive a gift from you.  Then it only takes a few minutes of your time to help each of them to receive this wonderful gift that will turn each of them into TBC Millionaires automatically.  This is almost like having an unlimited supply of briefcases each filled with a Million Dollars to give away.  That’s very exciting, right?  How many of these briefcases will you give away on your first day? Or, first week?  Two!  OK, let’s say Two and let’s duplicate that!  Regardless if a period is a day or a week, exponential growth is inevitable.

Admin of TBC would like to challenge each of you to start with the 10 closest people in your life and place them inside the Santa’s List that you will have access to within your Kringle Cash website back-office.  Then just follow the script below to invite them to receive this wonderful gift.  If only 2 of them accept it, so be it!  Admin would also advise you to offer this gift to 100 of your Facebook friends since Facebook has made it so easy to communicate with each of them.  If only 10 of them accept the gift, so be it!  All of this work can be done on the same day you received this gift.  There is no need to wait, when it comes to passing out Kringle coins as a gift.
Here is the simple script to follow in your text messages:
You:  I have a gift for you!
Prospect:  Oh!  What is that?
You:  I want to give you some money!!!
Prospect:  For what?
You:  Just as a gift to you, my friend!
Prospect:  How much?
You:  100,000 Kringle Coins–New Internet Money that people love to use!
Prospect:  WOW!
You:  Collect your gift at (Copy and Paste your Kringle Cash replicated website Link)
Prospect:  How much is this really going to cost me?
You:  Nothing!  It’s a free gift and it appreciates in value daily, so it is an AWESOME GIFT!  Just click on the link and it is self-explanatory.  I promise, you will be AMAZED!  Just let me know once you got it, so I can show you places to cash it in, or use it to buy merchandise, OK?
Prospect:  OK
End of script.
Now, let’s say someone close to you gave you this gift, and then they recommended that you buy some additional Kringle coins through them.  Please don’t let the closeness of the relationship inhibit you from buying more through them.  Who would you rather pass a benefit to?  A close friend, or a perfect stranger?  I hope you are willing to bring benefits to the people closest to you; otherwise, what kind of friend are you anyway???

tbcoinnews admin.

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