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Friday, 28 April 2017

WittyExchange Tbc/Btc Scam Review!!!

Hello everyone,

Today we are going to be reviewing WittyExchange, this platform is a site where Tbc stakeholders come together to exchange their Tbc to Btc.

Below we will review how Legit this site is.

Witty Exchange

WittyGiants is an organization with a Committed Passion to unveil Financial Freedom Opportunities around the Continent of Africa

CEO: Dan Ewah
Organization: Digital | Online Marketing Agency
Hyattsville, MD United States

So Currently WittyExchange is Nigerias Number one Tbc Exchange platform for now and its paying, it has paid so many people and it is still paying till today.
Witty Exchange has brought about so many seminars around Nigeria and it is helping in eleveating Tbc to where its supposed to be.

If you follow the Tbc educational blog you will notice that Tbc Admin has officially announced Witty Exchange as a great exchanger for Nigeria which has been launched already.

I want to personally congratulate you on the successful launching of the ​LOCAL TBC EXCHANGE​ website by the ​WITTYGIANTS FAMILY​ today 18th Feb. 2017. Congratulations!!!

​NOTE:​ Its COMPULSORY you signup on the ​PLATFORM​ to be part of the ​EXCHANGE​

​NEEDED DETAILS: Personal Data, Valid ID, Bank Statement & TBC Wallet Address​

1. Log on to ​​

2. Click on ​SIGNUP​

3. Enter ​your ​SPONSOR'S username​

4. Click ​Continue​

5. Fill up the ​REGISTRATION FORM​ and click ​REGISTER​.

6. Click ​Logout​ and then ​SIGN IN​ again to update your profile.

7. Click on the ​DOCUMENT​ tab to upload your VALID ID and Bank Statement.

8. You are good to start ​BUYING​ and ​SELLING​ TBC once your details are confirmed at ​OFFICIAL PRICE​

​TBC … The cryptocurrency of the FUTURE. Secure your future today!​

Tbcoinnews Admin.


  1. what do you mean by sponsor's name? I saw TBC on net and got interested.


  2. If you like to add some tbc in your wallet, feel free to talk with me in for a good price. Tnx guys. Godbless .#TeamPhilippines


  3. If you like to add some tbc in your wallet, feel free to talk with me in for a good price. Tnx guys. Godbless .#TeamPhilippines

  4. if you want to buy tbc i sell for #2000 but we can negotiate if u are buying in bulk contact me on 09037604345 or

    1. You are still talking about discounting. That is not proper please.

  5. I registered with wittyexchange but didn't add my wallet id bcos i was afraid, online robbery is something else. Are you saying they are genuine?

  6. Buy your TBC at affordable rate. Call/WhatsApp 08142394224 for more info


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