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Monday, 8 May 2017

EDO Mega TBC Blast

Hello everyone,

 Wow,  we had an amazing time yesterday at the EDO MEGA CRYPTO CURRENCY BLAST with THE BILLION COIN (TBC)  with over 400 thousand in attendance in Mela Motel Benin city. The crowd was so much and enthusiastic about TBC that we were force by circumstances to have two sessions all packed out.

Even the Mela Motel management could not hide their surprise as they were receiving calls from every where.

I tell you,  TBC has come to change Edo state.

Money is changing form to Crypto Currency.

Embrace it now or regret it tomorrow because fiat (paper) currencies are gradually being withdrawn from circulation as lesser and lesser is being printed today.

I will send some pictures and a short video of the seminar that I anchored, to you in a moment.

A lot of merchants that attended the exposition came forward to declare their intentions to accept full TBC, some are fashion designers, mechanic, imported building materials dealer, barbers.
Even the Mela Motel that we used for the event ACCEPT 50% TBC For lodging/accommodation  in the hotel. They even accept 100% TBC for their hall on week days.

Guess what, I see a mega TBC trade fair coming to Benin city soon.
This seminar took place yesterday Saturday 6th May, 2017.
 Between 10am to 4pm. Made up of two sessions and registration of new TBCians. You need to see the joy that the free 100,000 kringles brought to their hearts. I even learn that for the even that was expected to kickoff 10am,  some persons came to the hall around 6:15am.

Wow.  It was truly amazing.

Images are shown below.

Tbcoinnews admin


  1. all good and well but the last image is from Kano Trade Fair.
    keep it honest bro.

  2. Lies, do you know what is called 400 thousands people, please lie wisely if you must lie

  3. The last picture was shot from Kano trade fair... Please don't over emphasize things.... Everyone is sharp enough to google what ever you post..... TBC is growing and is gaining more ground Pls dont over hype it.

  4. when are u people coming to port harcourt

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