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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Newest Kringle Cash Sign Ups Can Now Pay Early to Become Testers

Hello everyone,

10000 Testers
You snooze you lose!  Early adopters did not take full advantage of Tester opportunity.  Quite a frenzy has ensued since the announcement of the Tester opportunity.  Good News!  The newest sign-ups in Kringle Cash can now pay early and don’t have to wait for the expiration of the 30-day trial period.  Even though there were more than enough expired accounts to produce 10,000 Testers, they did not fully take advantage of their early adopter status.  Let this be a lesson to all “Early Adopters” to pay attention to their opportunities.  Time waits for no man!
If you want to be one of the 10,000 Testers, and not have to wait 6 to 8 weeks longer to access the Official Worldwide TBC Fiat Bank Exchange, then go ahead and pay the annual fee of $10 NOW to gain access to the back office of Kringle Cash for a year and also become one of the 10,000 Testers.  In other words, you are not paying to become a Tester; you are paying for your back office and its training and tools, while qualifying to become a Tester.  “Two birds with one stone.”
The way the payment processor software works in the back office of Kringle Cash is that the API calls for bitcoin data once the trial period expires.  We added an additional piece of software to that to trigger the API to go ahead and release the bitcoin data without having to wait 30 days.  This software processes a dozen accounts at a time, and cycles every 24 hours.  So, if you sign up right now for Kringle Cash, you should not have to wait more than a day to have the early payment option become available to you.  Keep checking hourly, until you see the bitcoin data appear in Your Account.  Then you can pay.  Let the race BEGIN!
Please Note:  We have no direct affiliation with the Bank known as TBC Bank.  That bank existed long before the existence of The Billion Coin (TBC).  Our Bank Partner is substantially bigger than TBC Bank.  Our Bank Partner is sitting on humongous assets and very small liabilities.  TBC will be received as an asset on their books at the Current Price ongoing.  Unlike the Fiat currencies they hold and have practically unlimited access to, TBC is appreciating in value, while FIAT currencies are rapidly depreciating.  The Bank has access to a wide variety of financial instruments so that expansion of Fiat currencies is not going to become a problem down the road.  Simply, don’t worry about the balance between the TBC they will acquire and the Fiat that they will dispense to our members because they can handle it.  They will not have to wait for Fiat to come in through our members in order to pay out Fiat to our members; TBC stands on its own as a real currency!  That’s a mouthful!  What we are doing is unprecedented; and the first “Abundance-Based” currency is becoming a reality in the mainstream!
If you already paid a dollar for one month of access to your back office, you are not qualified to become a Tester.  You can add $10 now for an additional 12 months on top of the 1 month you already paid, so that you can become a Tester too.  Be smart!  Take full advantage of this opportunity to become a Tester TODAY!!!

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