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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

TBC Police Force!!!

Hello everyone,

Admin has united with a group of TBC Members and they will launch in 3 days.  Admin officially recognizes this group and applauds their efforts to stamp out Scammers and Discounters!  Not only will they report all of the Scammers and Discounters they find through the Admin site but they will also publish a blacklist of all of them on their website.  So, their website is a consumer protection resource for all of our members.  We are working hard to build TBC up to a Billion members and these fools that scam us and discount TBC will forever soil their names on the internet!  Who will trust any of them once they end up on this website?  Can you imagine a billion people distrusting you?  WOW!  Look out Scammers and Discounters we are on to you!  Penalties keep stacking up against you!  We even discussed reporting scammers to the police of the country the scammer resides!  Fraud is a very serious crime, and many laws have been written; and scammers deserve to go to jail and do the time for their crimes!  You have angered ALL of us and especially Admin!

tbcoinnews admin

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  1. please help me this account TsxAPZqsvMMhena4b17UHexhmedNF3267B took away my 5tbc


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