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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Time to mine TBC thebillioncoin

Hello everyone,

Mining TBC is a PRIVLEDGE, not a right! The interests of our largest Stakeholders are superior to the interests of our Miners. We are still BETA testing our TBC crypto-currency. We have been debugging a number of issues and we must proceed with caution when it comes to adding miners. Dishonest Miners can be very destructive to a new crypto-currency and we want to limit the risks as much as possible. At this time, we will refuse to allow people to mine TBC coins if they do not agree to be completely cooperative and responsive to Admin. The initial Miners will be part of our BETA testing group. Through their complete cooperation we will be able to quickly identify any issues that may arise as we expand the participation of miners and debug as needed.

The Mining software is free of charge and easy to use on any PC; but because of the aforementioned we are not ready to be 100% open-source. Please remember we are the 1st “Abundance-Based” currency more than just being another crypto-currency. We are carving our own path, and it is foolish to put us in the crypto-currency camp and expect that we will do the exact same thing other crypto-currencies do. We want to use all of our resources wisely and not over extend ourselves. Mining TBC right now pays twice as good as mining Bitcoin. 500 new TBC coins are mined every 3 minutes. Compare that to the 12.5 coins mined every 10 minutes with Bitcoin. We shall start the process of adding Miners by making a list. Be patient with our process, as said before we move forward with this step of our development carefully. We will sort the list with those that have the most to lose at the top. The list will be generated much in the same way as when we built the Millionaire Board. Those of you with at least 100,000 TBC coins in your wallet have the most to lose over those Stakeholders that have less TBC coins.
You truly have a vested interest in the long-term success of TBC. If you have less than a Full Stake of 100,000 TBC coins currently in your possession, please be advised you will not be on the initial list of Miners. We will carefully work our way down the list of Stakeholders from the largest to the smallest until all that desire to mine will be trained. If you do not want to mine TBC coins as a Stakeholder you are not obligated to do so. Upon the total success of this Stakeholder mining campaign, at a later date, we will make the source code public and allow anyone to mine making us completely decentralized. This will be a roll out, and please be aware it will take months to complete.

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Tbcoinnews admin.


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  6. I am interested in earning/mining TBC. Can anyone please help me with that. I am a newbie here

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