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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Benin TBC mega trade fair warning.

Hello everyone,

From the table of the TBC president, Nigeria

Hello everyone,

Warmth regards.
It has come to the notice leadership of TBC Community Nigeria that some individuals are putting up Trade Fairs without due process and approvals. Particular cases are Benin Trade fair, Uyo Trade fairs and others. We learnt that Benin organizers are collecting N10k daily and also N100k for Car reservation!!! Uyo N8k! This is NOT acceptable and stakeholders should refrain from participation.

Any group planning Trade Fairs MUST follow due process by contacting the National Trade Fair Team on

Paying for this trade fair is at your own risk.

Stakeholders should also confirm with the above nos before participating in any Trade Fair.

God bless you!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks man.
    About the Abuja trade fair coming up soon, hope the marchant are already registered and if not I think the cocommittee should address that.
    Secondly I will like to advise that all participants should have a group picture with their item bought to show how real TBC is rocking so as to encourage more people.

    Finally goods should be sold at equivalent price oto TBC.


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