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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Bitcoin Randy has Accepted the Call to be The Voice of TBC

Hello everyone,

Long before Bitcoin Randy started doing training on Kringle Cash he was referring to himself as the self-appointed “Ambassador” of TBC.  There are 3 steps to success in any endeavor: GET UP; SHOW UP; and STEP UP!  As a “Self-appointed Ambassador” Bitcoin Randy demonstrated all three of these steps.  This caught the attention of Admin (Yours Truly) which lead to the invitation to train everyone on Kringle Cash.  So far, Bitcoin Randy has been an excellent trainer.
Bitcoin Randy understands the real message of TBC.  The real message of TBC is NOT “BUY LOW; SELL HIGH!  So many have reduced our TBC message down to just that.  Bitcoin Randy has always understood that the real message of TBC is a PROTEST against the Elite and all of their evil plans; while funding the individual in a sure way to escape the evil grip that the Elite has on them.  He knows that once we become 1 Billion strong in numbers, that humanity can be set free from these evil people.

Admin has been limited in spreading this message by text alone here in this blog.  TBC needs a human voice to fully express it’s purpose, mission, and plan.  Bitcoin Randy has accepted the call to be The Voice of TBC.  Admin has empowered The Voice to oversee the Elected Leaders and the continuation of the Elections within all countries until TBC has truly become a world-wide phenomenon.  Not all of the current Elected Leaders have properly played the role they were elected to fulfill.  Accountability is necessary and while The Voice will be accountable to Admin and the TBC Message, all of the Elected Leaders will be accountable to The Voice and the standards that The Voice presents ongoing until we fulfill the mission of TBC.
The Voice is NOT the Ear of TBC!!!  Bitcoin Randy is not open to hearing from the general membership of TBC.  Like a CEO, access to Bitcoin Randy is very restricted. 
Listen to The Voice, and learn as best you can from The Voice so that your role plays out in harmony with the real TBC message.  Bitcoin Randy will be extremely busy administrating the remaining 200 elections.  As always, send in your requests and technical support needs into our ticket-based support system and not to Bitcoin Randy.  We truly appreciate all that Bitcoin Randy has done for the TBC community, and all that he will continue to bring in to our movement world-wide!
Tbcoinnews admin


  1. If you want to be the so called voice of TBC why don't you start by shutting down all these TBC Exchanges that are doing notj
    hing but scamming members out of their coins and money. SECOND...Start freezing accounts. Do you even know how many members are discounting the TBC coin???? Every person you try to buy or sell to wants to scam you. You want to be a big shot ??? FIX THIS MESS. Thank You

  2. Hi Randy. Congratulations. Please ask Admin when the wallets will be up and running. I have 20 people who want to sign up.

  3. When is tbc putting there house in other's cos have many people to join but this transactions issue is putting a blocks for them to, please put something up this mess.

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