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Friday, 2 June 2017

Get TBC News right at your finger tips now!!!

Hello everyone,

We have been getting Update

 from various individuals that they don't get offers, deals and news immediately or soon enough so they don't really participate in TBC activities.

Today we are bringing you two WhatsApp groups, a telegram info group as well as a new Facebook international group and page where you can get news, latest TBC deals and info right at you finger tips.

SMS features will soon be opened as well, we are working hand in hand to ensure the SMS feature come up live really soon.

Below are the WhatsApp group links where you can get latest happens from TBC.

If you advertise TBC sales on the group you will be kicked out immediately and other irrelevant things.


We highly respect everyone's privacy and concern, hence the following guide below should be adhered to going forward.

*1*. Our purpose in this group is to get updates only for the *TBC and other Cryptocurrency* that we are promoting.

*1B*. Do *NOT* advertise any other business or activities in this group.(No referral link must be posted on this group).

*1C* Do not post any business that we are not promoting in this group; if you have a business opportunity that is worth promoting, kindly private chat admin about it & we'll review it.

*2* Failure to stick to any of the policies may lead to a removal from the group *WITHOUT* warning.

*2*. All Questions and Answers should be asked with a positive and constructive purpose.

And kindly *wait for a reply patiently for 24hrs* before re-asking as admin may not have seen it or may be busy at the time to respond.

*NOTE*: Learn the answers to questions asked so you don't keep asking the same questions.

*3*. This group is not for *religious*,  *political*, *entertainment/joke* or any other business discussion.

*4*. Unethical words, abuses and derogatory statements aimed at either any member or the business shall not be tolerated. (If you do not believe in the business, then quietly leave the group).

*5*. This is our mentoring group for ONLY *interested MEMBERS*. (Please if you are not interested in cryptocurrency, kindly leave the group).

Failure to stick to the above rules may lead to your removal from the group indefinitely.

*6*. No posting of MLM links on this group.

*7* Never seek to do business or register somebody under you who is already a group member... the group is not where to do your prospecting.

It's unethical to private chat or seek to sign up somebody you did not add to the group  (You will be removed immediately).

*8* For prospects, kindly be decent enough to go back to the person that introduced you to this group to purchase your coin, if he didn't tell you about this *abundance currency*, you may have lost out, so kindly show appreciation by getting back to him.

*9* It is your direct responsibility to train your *invitee's* before adding them to this group.

*10* All monetary transactions on this group *should* go through the Admin, we will not be held responsible if you are duped by someone you sent money to... *CAUTION*.

It's our collective responsibility to grow this group... I see a group where *all* are *MILLIONAIRES* πŸ‘

πŸ€ Our *PURPOSE* and BUSINESS nature runs on Helping Others succeed with cryptocurrency.

Thanks in advance for compliance πŸ‘πŸ‘

Admin, TBC News/Update

The Telegram group,

Then follow our Facebook group as well,

And the news page is,


Tbcoinnews admin.

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