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Monday, 5 June 2017

Official Launch of the free Kringle Cash

Hello everyone,

It’s time to officially launch Kringle Cash, the worlds largest cash giveaway.  During our two month pre-launch of  we gave away 227,066 gifts of 100,000 Kringles and at today’s Current Value of $38.12 per gift, we have given away a total of $8,655,755.92 so far.  Just remember that we have set aside a billion gifts of 100,000 Kringles to be given away before the Timer runs to zero.
As you can see we have less than 30 days to give away the rest of these wonderful gifts, and we have a clear plan how to do it within that time.  Please watch this video and duplicate what you see there and you will position yourself to earn a huge amount of money while helping us conclude this giveaway in the time allotted.
As of today, this cash gift of 100,000 Kringles may only be worth $38.12, but by design this currency appreciates in value by 1% to 5% a day until it is fully matured at 10 Euros per 1 Kringle coin.
Yes, we have created a way to automatically turn anyone into a Millionaire FREE OF CHARGE!  At least until the Timer is still running.  We want everyone to try out our currency, merchants all over the world already accept our currency for payment for their goods and services.
Recently we established a partnership with a major bank who has agreed to accept our currency TBC/Kringle and exchange it for other major Fiat Currencies such as the EUR and USD.  The first 10,000 Users of Kringle Cash that pay the annual fee of $10 for their back office will get to become the Testers on this Fiat Currency Exchange.
10000 Testers
So far 3,006 users have paid for their back office and we are still looking for thousands more to become Testers too.  Testers will receive a significant amounts of Fiat money in exchange for their TBC coins during the Testing period; equivalent to what most would consider an amount that is equal to a full-time income globally.  Testers have a 6 to 8 week head start on using this exchange until we are satisfied that we have developed a smooth process for everyone else to use it too–thus the need for a testing period.  We have acquired the domain to gather all the Testers into one place, and then train them what to do.  WE NEED TESTERS THAT WILL FOLLOW DIRECTIONS!
The Launch of Kringle Cash is a very exciting time for our community.  We offer our gift of 100,000 Kringles to all far and wide throughout the world, and certainly want to spread some Christmas cheer throughout the year.

Tbcoinnews admin.

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