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Thursday, 29 June 2017

SOLUTION if Kringle Cash Back office is not marked ELIGIBLE

Hello everyone,

What to do if your Kringle Cash Back office is not checked ELIGIBLE

Have you made installment for TheBillionCoin Kringle Cash Back office?

Have you gotten email affirming you've made installment however yet to be stamped PAID and ELIGIBLE when you visit your record segment?

Here is an answer for settle this in under 24hrs

Sign on to your kringle Cash Back Office

visit Your Account at the down left hand side of your Back office

Look down and tap on Payment Issues ?(Click this for help)

Underneath you'll see a shape

Finish the frame and submit with the required subtle elements: Username, email address you enrolled at Kringle Cash, BTC deliver you were coordinated to make installment to, Amount Paid in BTC, and your bitcoin exchange URL.

See pictures below:

Condition Before submitting the form:

Please submit this form if the following conditions apply.

You have made your Kringle.Cash Bitcoin Payment and your account is still directing you to the “Your Account” Page.

You have made your Kringle.Cash Bitcoin Payment and you cannot access other areas of site.

You have made your Kringle.Cash Bitcoin Payment and your transaction has at least 2 or more confirmations and you have not received an email confirming payment within 24 hours of making payment.

You are receiving the error “invalid address” when making payment.

You have made your Kringle.Cash Bitcoin payment and your Status does not reflect “Paid” after 24 hours.

You have made your Kringle.Cash Bitcoin payment for Yearly Subscription and your Fiat Exchange Eligibility field is blank after 24 hours.


  1. it says access denied when i click payment issues

  2. Why extended to 90days ? Do u have any website for us to monitor also the numbers of fiat exchanger qualified? For transparency purposes?

  3. Anonymous... If you looked very well, you will see that the extension of 90 days also goes along with free Kringles... TBC wants people to get rich and the Admin is trying his best to transfer wealth to as many that will see the vision...

    You don't need any website to monitor anything. Your job is to invite people into the community. If you need to know, people go to the TBC website and read all you need to read... As per transparency,TBC is not a Crypto Currency of the Elites, so you have nothing to fear

    1. When you say things like you don't need to know anything (no. Of testers etc) it makes me feel like i am being scammed

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  5. I have submitted all these required information like four time and my eligibility still remain blank. What should I do again pls?

  6. Someone should help me here,all my transactions has not been going for the past 4weeks , showing unconfirmed even kringles transactions , pls what should i do , i have many tbc but cant send out.

  7. Help please I can't access my kringle cash account,'invalid credentials'. I can open with the same username and password before now.


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