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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

TBC is facing a Major problem now!!!

Hello everyone,


TBcians are the major problem TBC is struggling with. Most Tbcian never ask what is TVM? How can we improve it? What is kringles cash?

                    What is blockchain?

       What is abundance based currency?

     Why are scammers scamming people?

                Why do people discount?

 Etc....Those are the kind of questions that encourage people to want to know more....But we really don't care.... We just want to make money....And U hear them asking questions like; Where do I buy ą Car wit TBC, When is Trade fair coming up, How do I become ą Tester or how many people av registered, How do I exchange TBC to BTC, How do I sell or exchange my TBC for Cash, Who want to buy TBC PM Me, and so on.

We should be working collectively on how to populate our community and not looking of exchange or begging merchants to accept TBC. Bcoz dsame merchant whom we want to accept TBC as a medium of payment does not even know/understand wat TBC is all about and how it works.

 Imagine we hit 1Billion, do we hav to exchange TBC to BTC? Do we hav talk merchants into TBC? Do we hav to exchange TBC to fiat money bfor we spend? TBC is just 14month and stil a baby that needs our support to survive.

 How? By promoting TBC on Social Media, Like TBC Facebook pages and post positive comments. Rather than complaining about trade fair or Exchangers on social media.

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