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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

TBC reasons Coinmarketcap policies/involvement.

Hello everyone,



TBC will never be in the coinmarketcap...😳

You know why ????

It's simply because it's the first global abundance based Crypto currency that is user based.

This made TBC very unique from the others as TBC refuse to be manipulated by those who manipulate the world economy by tinkering with the forces of demand and supply. Hence, our activities in the community monitored by the unique formula that calculate the daily price of TBC. TBC price can never fall but continually rise until it reaches €1 billion euro per TBC or €1 million euro for 100,000 Kringles or €10 Euro per one Kringle coin.

Please note that what determine the authenticity and validity of TBC or any other genuine Crypto currency is not the Coinmarketcap but the Blockchain technology which TBC, Bitcoin, Trump coin, Etherium , One coin etc all operate on. This is the reason why their wallet all look alike!

Also note that reason for the joy in the hearts of all Blockchain Crypto currency investors is that, what happens to one Crypto currency running on the Blockchain technology is that, where one (like the Bitcoin) is accepted all of them will be accepted too.

*Remember, the world is going Crypto ,whether you like it, believe it or not.*

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. I don't know what is happening to the transfer window. The TBC sent for some days have not been confirmed.

  2. I am honored to be apart of such a trend in the world market, but TBC has proven to me that I am where I want to be in my future endeavors.

  3. Onecoin operates its own independent block chain being the only cryptocurrency that independent, safe and strong

  4. Please I just make some transaction now for over 2 hours it has not been confirmed, please admin help us speed the confirmation process.thanks

  5. Hahahahahahah, laf wan kill me. How can a mere blogger who depends on your traffic help you to speed up tbc transactions as if he is the owner of tbc. Nigerians are so dumb.

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


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