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Friday, 9 June 2017

TBC Scam Alert, TBC2Naira.

Hello TBCIANS, with urgency we urge you all to stay off tbc2naira as they are a group of scammers and is of no good to anyone. We had a chat with the guy that claims to be a lady by the name Tbabe, he is not just rude, but a good skimmer who believes he can fool everyone.

Imagine they are asking users to pay subscription fee even when their acclaimed official website is not yet out.
Please we must all stay away from them. Failure to adhere to this warnings is at owner's risk.

Please share this information on every TBC group you belong to. TBC is not into Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and will never be reduced to MLM.

And they claim to be from TBC admin which is a very big lie

That's the scammers profile below,

 Be very carful of this scammers, here is their claimedwebsite that will be launched on 26th of may please stay away from this site and group of scammers.

Tbcoinnews admin.

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