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Sunday, 25 June 2017

The truth about the $10 wallet payment.

Hello everyone,

TBC admin published an article on 25th of June 2017 here is a link to the article
Most members in the community have been complaining bitterly that this isn't proper, why doesn't the admin accept TBC as a means of payment instead of btc or bitcoin rather.

Questions are being asked, being have started doubting TBC and members in the community are already calling it a scam.

Below is an a complain message I got from a direct contact form.


This single policy of accepting fees in other currency other than tbc will be the greatest undoing of the tbc community. It will definitely cast integrity and policy consistency issues on the the whole tbc idea.
While i agree that "nothing is free" but why are we constantly required to pay in another currency "bitcoin" when tbc is our our "most valuable" currency . If admin does not see it good enough to accept it's own currency for payment of fees, how do we convince people to accept tbc as a payment for goods and services.
Recent Admin's action has forced us to ask very fundamental questions?
1. Is tbc a currency visa-vis cryptocurrency?
2. Who is/are the tbc admin
3. What is the tbc roadmap?
4. Where is the tbc whitepaper?
There is no gainsaying the fact that these questions not only needs answers but urgently too.
Most of us who invested heavily did that cos the idea of an "abundance based currency" was appealing.
But investment decisions like this requires policy clarity on the part of the managers. The admin can't just wake up and decide to make policies that affects everyone without putting into consideration the harm it will do to the community.
Admin should be made to understand that we are not against paying of fees to surport their activities, but what we can't take is to be paying in other currencies other than our own community currency "tbc".
If we must pay any further fees, it must be paid in tbc and not in bitcoin.

Share untill admin gets this""

This arant Nonsense, why do you ask these questions now?? So many articles have been published to explain every single question asked in that complain message still yet they fail to see the truth.

Some us here was paid $10 to $100 for for global exchange and all sorts of fake exchangers out there and we are here complaining, now that admin needs our support to make things alright we are complaining that the billion coin is a scam, ponzi or this that. Cureently tbcglobalexchange has more than 10,000 tbc members exxhanging TBC everyday even with the stupid policies they bring up you still accept it because you want to exchange TBC, Let's think twice members of the TBC community..

Now the mentality and reasoning is to get immediate results that won't last, forgetting that the more developed world plan for a stranger future not a feeble one.

For those that are making use of bitcoin wallets, you'll discover they make charges when transactions is done, 
What can you say about that? 
TBC charges nothing, I think the future is brighter, 
Let's be focused, 
TBC is to eradicate poverty.

Why don't you say that to bitcoin miners and see how much money they are making daily. 
I hope you also know that your local banks charge you money. 
You want to become a billionaire and you don't want to pay a prize. I now see clearly why the 10,000 testers are yet to be completed. 
Some people can't pay a dime but wants it to be launched freely thereafter to start using the exchange process freely.
Keep it up.

Read in between lines  It said, tbc it is to discourage those scammers and discounters
Every member should pay for the kringle cash tester sub.
Most of those  complaining  are discounters they want to use #1000 to get #22,000,000
Read the last capital letter paragraph the answer is there
We Were not up to 100k
Now everyone who opened kringle cash used their old wallets and email to register and you now have access because you had a wallet before now.
For new wallets now you need to pay but if you use kringle cash to register you will get a wallet and free 100kringles for 30days trial, after which you are expected to pay $10 for yearly sub. Currently, Out of the 373k registered members only 7500 have paid meaning we need at least 10k people to become part of the testers and that means even if we are more we will have others lined up after 6 to 8 weeks of testing to join in the exchange.

Once the testing is done and it works People will rush in to pay.
 Many of us have paid to exchange to btc on different ponzi schemes, Coinbase now pay fee btc wallet pays fee
But tbc transaction is free
 Until now and I believe it is the style adopted for kringle cash peope refused to see
Kringle cash was used to get more people so that discounting will stop
But people still didn't use it to achieve the aim of the TVM
Now tester issue came up using the kringle cash account So that people can still use the platform to achieve TVM and at the same time exchange TBC for fiat
Still we no don't see this simple truth.
Now the opportunity is still there for 2500 more people
We are still complaining,
 I'm glad you all can see why they didnt follow the same roadmap as other digital currencies on the coinmarketcap...I mean the dead coins
 Else tbc would have fallen.

Please see the truth in this and share to other TBC members  so as to educate them on the truth, TBC isn't a scam.

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. All this that bitcoin charge fees for transaction is irrelevant. Nobody ask TBC not to charge for transaction as well and if they know the coin is genuine they should allow members to pay with TBC for whatever issue since TBC is abundance currency. Rubbish

  2. I love your post nice one but it still doesn't make any sense why we should pay $10 to use the wallet. Before you say we pay fees to use our BTC wallet as if that should make us to pay $10BTC to use TBC. My friend it won't work, any ways they can choose to make us pay fee's like that of BTC does no problem I accept in Fee's in TBC not BTC. The Adkins a devaluing their own currency by asking us to pay in another currency! I for one don't support that! If TBC is so valuable and can Worth $53000+ per TBC like they claim it does we should use TBC to pay any fees assessable not another currency. The btc fees we pay we pay them in Bitcoins not Ethereum.
    Speaking of those that were scamed using fake exchanges, why won't they be scammed when the currency TBC does not have any website exchanging the currency for free, except for their so called official that if you place a trade you have to wait like forever if someone buys it from u. Its not even accepted so if we find any way to sell it off we join because the community base value is useless and lol it increases daily. Funny. Please no fee should be paid in a different currency when this starts to happen then value for the currency will appreciate. Let the admins not devalue such a valuable assets. That's my own point. I own a TBC exchange site and I don't charge Fees in BTC I try to give value to TBC and the admin is trying to devalue it. That's where am angry I exchange at official price and the admjn wants to promote bitcoin instead of TBC? Not in support of that! Hope I spoke your mind?

    1. Am îñ support and let lunch the exchange and start collecting the charges and wait no further till reaching 1 billion also send me send your link where you exchange tbc at current price to my email.,

  3. Drop your site link let me see your exchange site

  4. You guys are an embarrassment. Most people don't have bitcoin and know nothing about currency until we teach them about TBC. People have paid thousand of dollars and are now broke. They have paid dollar for dollar in TBC. Hoping to become wealthy and help the poor. This sounds like greed to me.

  5. There is no harm in them telling us to pay wallet fees but when they say in bitcoin it doesn't make any sense I hope tbcians will understand this and please I also want to see the exchange link

  6. This is nonsense how could we be using btc bitcoin to pay any fees in TBC community does bitcoin use to request for TBC as payment in their community I followed TBC with all my life but somehow scared now with what is happening now in the TBC community please do something admin and more so the problem we are facing on transaction now is more worst do something about it please

  7. Am disappointed in the tbc admin for this evil decision.

    Most people we helped in getting tbc are already on our neck on how they can exchange the millions they are seeing in their wallet into cash only for admin to wake up with this crazy decision.

    Few of them reluctantly paid to be Testers because I convinced them that's what is coming would make them forget even the amount they invested in tbc as a whole, but with this I suspect foul play and am not willing to convince anyone to pay anything before I'd be termed a scam.

    Some of my friends call tbc the *The Broke Coin* and am now seeing reasons with them due to recent developments.

    First you requested that we pay for the kringles cash, we did with the hope that when Testers start, it won't be any big deal. Then, you come up with wallet fee of another $10. At this point it shows desperation on the part of admin.

    Even the Testers, I believe more people have paid for the Testers than the number being displayed. Admin did not give procedures on how to make the payment as many just sent the tbc with the hope that somehow admin will have the necessary tools to confirm their pay only to to come across a guide from tbc police on how to pay (by attaching their kringles cash username and password on the description when sending the $10 bitcoin) successfully. That is really a bad one. 2 of my friends are yet to be confirmed after having paid. And they are now graced with the news to pay to use a wallet?
    When transactions take days and in some cases weeks to reflect on wallet?

    When the Blockchain is a monumental mess?

    When there is no exchange?

    Then how exactly is the wallet being used that we have to pay for?

    Very unwise decision I must say. This is like shooting one's self on the foot.. This is even more like detonating a bomb on one's household. It's very unfortunate

  8. I don't know how to confuse people to join our community anymore when we can't use our currency to pay any fees in the community even trade fare mostly exchanger they will be asking for bitcoin if truly our coins is really strong and the best out of crypto Currency as we use to say it at least we should be using our currency in anything we want to do in the community please pass this to admin to know what to do about this transaction is more than worst now 3weeks transactions will not successful and will not cancel which bitcoin are not like that which is tired some people and be thinking of maybe we are scam admin should look into this please

  9. You're making sense bro that's the bitter truth about TBC

  10. the prblm is after complete the 10,000 testers admin collect 100,000 $ from this people i'm one of the testers because i pay this fees 10$ with BTC , but the bank partner can give you 53,000 $ for 1 TBC , if i exchange 10TBC this mean 530,000 $ and if i exchange 100 tbc this mean 5,300,000 $ the money of this test come from this bank and we are 10,000 testers , this mean a lot of money , and any bank in the world can not give you this money ???? and the admin tell us we need to pay the new fees of wallet why we should pay with BTC , why you not pay this with TBC it'is crypto like Bitcoin , and util now we don't know nothing about this bank partner ????? , i'm not using any exchange website before because i now , ( ponzi scheme and just scam peoples .....) , and admin of TBC don't talk too much about fiat exchange why we not started this test because we are more than 7,500 testers now this mean 75% ( 100,000 testers ) , can we still beleive in TBC ????? .........

  11. Pls TBC Admin we are ready to pay for any fee you demand from us but we must pay in TBC if you want TBC to work. Also those working for the development of your sites that you give as excuse for demanding TBC must accept your currency TBC as a means of payment then we know that TBC has come to stay. If not you are digging grave for the burial of this unique idea called TBC

  12. le bitcoin est la monnaie de référence.c'est normal ce que kringle fait .arrêtez de dénigrer notre monnaie TBC .la patience n'est pas dans vos propos.Aucune pièce ne saurait se démarquer du bitcoin. Merci Admi.

  13. Fuck anyone who doesnt agree with the admins plan, i can pay $10 ten times if nerssary. I always pay to play, thats my success

  14. if you pay 10$ for account you don't need to pay this 10$ feesbecause you pay it before .

  15. Woow, this is not happening and we should not allow it to happen.A house divided can not stand.We have come along way.Let us not allow our enemies to laugh at us. Alot of people out there have vowed that TBC can and we never come true.The elites are working very hard to see tbc not to be a reality.Please, let the various co-ordinators representing various countries dialogue with the Admin and come to a lasting solution.Because if this is not handled properly, it will escalate like a wild fire allover the social media and other means of communication. Trust me what will happen, people will hold on on joining tbc and the trust they had in tbc will be gone.Please, let the various leaders and presentatives act fast before this escalate.The devil is at work.He hates the vision of TBC.Please, guys let us be patience while the leaders meet with Admin. Please, the Admin of this blog, try and see how you could help to facilitate this for the good of the tbc community. God help and give tbc Admin the wisdom to approach this matter.Long live TBC.

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