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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fiat exchange tester is finally here.

Hello everyone,

The moment most people have been waiting for is finally here the fiat exchange testers.

 The first 10,000 tester have started receiving their login emails for the fiat exchange I.e there email addresses and password for the testers program.

Please if you are amongst this individuals who are eligible for the testers program please kindly check your email now to update your profiles ASAP!!! That is one of the processes.

Below is how the email should look like,
Please use the link given in the email to login to your testers account and complete the offer given, once completed it should look like the image below.

This an amazing news for the TBC community and we believe something big is coming.

Some people might not know how they are eligible for the program please see image below.

Some testers haven't gotten thier emails yet please relax its on its way, we generating passwords for every one and storing in the systems data base so please relax it will get to you if you are eligible.

Note: your email might be in your Spam folder please do ensure to check as soon as possible.

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Excellent, work done by admin! Keep up your good job!

  3. please help me solution..
    I have received a password to login but I can not login

  4. Please I haven't received my login details from I don't know what to do I'm panicked seriously

  5. Attention: Please, Let's Note that the Backlog is Only Delaying our Exchange of Fiat. Reserve Examiners will receive their Testers email anytime from now. Please Please stop all Transactions from this moment until the Backlog eliminated Old Transcation cancelled. Some Testers will replace the failed Backup in the Questionnaire at any time and Only the Backlog will delay the launch of Fiat Exchange. Please and Please STOP ALL TRANSACTIONS for now.


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