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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

TBC has Doubled in Value for the 26th Time Today

Hello everyone,

Today is a ultra historic day for TBC, we just doubled in value for the 26th time, and this is the last double inside the Millionaire Zone!  On July 28th of 2017 we will officially leave the Millionaire Zone.  What does that mean?  That means that it will cost more than 100 Euros to purchase enough TBC to become a Millionaire automatically within the TBC community.  So, let’s push as hard as we can to get as many people signed up in TBC before we leave the Millionaire Zone.  At the time we double the next time it will cost 200 Euros to become a TBC Millionaire.  Then the double after that it will cost 400 Euros to become a TBC Millionaire, and so on.  There are only 14 more doubles left in the wealth creation phase of TBC; the TBC coin will reach it’s final and ultimate value of one Billion Euros and then remain at that constant value forever after.  TBC has proven to be a real currency and with our Bank Exchange Partner, we will fully mature into a currency where just one coin will be worth one Billion Euros.  Right now the risk is so low when you purchase TBC coins that you are assure vast leverage during this final run within the wealth creation zone.  If you want to be set for life–Buy at least $1,000 worth of TBC right now.

We are offering the whole world a chance to get 50,000 Kringle coins as a FREE gift without obligation.  Kringle coins are the change of TBC coins like pennies; nickels; dimes; and quarters are to the US Dollar.  Once we complete the next 14 doubles and TBC coins become worth one Billion Euros each then 50,000 Kringle coins will be worth 500,000 Euros.  That is a very generous gift to get.  The remaining time to collect this gift is running out, you only have 78 more days to receive it.

Right now you still have the opportunity to become a Back Up Tester for our Global Fiat Bank Exchange by collecting your gift of 50,000 Kringle coins and pay now the $10 annual fee for your Kringle Cash Back Office.  We currently have about 3,000 Back Up 

It’s time pick up our speed in promoting TBC.  If everyone follows the advise in this video we would certainly reach our goal of getting one Billion Members before the timers runs out


Looks like 99% of our current members are not promoting TBC right now and sharing the Kringle Cash gifts.  That’s OK!  I believe the 1% can create 15% daily growth for themselves and push our numbers up to one Billion around when the time runs out.

Please support your leaders in all of our efforts to reach our goals as a TBC community.  Bitcoin Randy is leading the charge!

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. This is fantastic news! But my suggestion is that apart from those of us TBC stakeholders actively registering others via social media and other means, admin can also create a website on Google with a popular keyword search like "Make money online" that will direct a lot of people looking for a good opportunity online like this to take advantage of the free kringle cash and grow our numbers quickly to one (1) billion by way of that. So that our goals, dreams and aspirations with TBC can be realised pretty soon!

  2. I also find it very slow and there is a lack of aggressiveness on the part of the TBC Admin to advertise and spread the good news to alleviate world poverty thru TBC. The maximum value oould have been achieved earlier if this action was considered or implemented

  3. OGHA ANDREWThat is one, but there is still problem trying to transfer and that is making it difficult to convince any one who new to crypto currency.

  4. please try to uplift the suspension in transfers as we can promote it because people will only listen to us when they can see transfers going through.

  5. please try to uplift the suspension in transfers as we can promote it because people will only listen to us when they can see transfers going through.


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