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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Use Credit card to pay for kringle cash back office.

Hello everyone,

Currently the kringle cash office is back again as expected, we advised that there shouldn't be panic that the admin was aware of it and was adding some few backup testers to the main testers.

Here is a proof below,

If you take a good look at the image above you will notice the change in the kringle cash back office now.

Now straight to what we are waiting for.

Okay looking at the image above you will see the option to either pay with your present credit card or with initial bitcoin payment as some people do not know how to get bitcoins

Click on the button directed for the credit card payment as the image below directs.

After clicking the button then you will be directed to a secured page where you put in your credit card details.
Images below describes in details.

This will go a long way to speed things up for testers and people to be eligible for the fiat exchange.
The admin is really working and is aware of everything that's happening.

Tbcoinnews admin.


  1. Well done KRIS Kringle... We believe in you.

  2. Please, I paid $10 but my account hasn't shown eligible. Why?


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