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Thursday, 12 January 2017

chris brone

New TBC thebillioncoin scam

Hello everyone,
Please take note of this wild spreading News's of a new wallet being updated.
Scammers are now at work once again TBC thebillioncoin has a new wallet server which will be disable the older servers by January 27th please read more on this Here.

There is a new scam out there that says your wallets needs to be updated and you will get free 500tbc after signup, please do not fall for this tempting scam.
Tbc admin has made it clear to us that there won't be any free TBC given out to people because that will go against TBC community agreements.

Below is a screenshot of this hilarious TBC tyebillioncoin scam

You will be asked to signup to the TBC new wallet and will be assure 500tbc please do not fall for this trick, please sign up for the new 004 server for the wallet upgrade but please do not have the mentality of getting 500tbc for free that's the scam.
Tbc admin won't give you free 500tbc because you signed up please take note but the new wallet is fully secured you can sign up with it perfectly.

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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

chris brone

Tbc thebillioncoin important update.

Hello everyone
New announcement: TBC introduces 2017 New Wallet - Upgrade before January 31st
Welcome to the 2017 TBC Web Wallet. This new Web Wallet system protects both you and the entire TBC Community with the added Login Feature in a number of ways. TBC was launched on March 21st, 2016 with a simple Encrypted URL type Web Wallet and it lacked some of the critical features needed for such a fast growing crypto-currency community. If you have the 2016 version, you will need to upgrade it now before the window of time closes on you.

Once you confirm your email you will be given unlock instructions to gain access to move all of your TBC coins into the 2017 Web Wallet. If you are brand new to the TBC Community, you need to know upfront that we are deadly serious about the TBC Membership Agreement, if you even attempt to violate it your Wallet will be suspended for 6 months without warning.

We invite you to thoroughly research everything about TBC before joining our private membership community to make sure you will fit in properly. Our information may be in the public space, but our activities and transactions are all private. At this time the TBC coins are appreciating in value by 3% a day; and shortly after our community grows to one Billion Verified Members the TBC coins will reach their final Ultimate Price and that will be the end of the wealth creation phase of our roll out as a global currency. We expect to reach that final Ultimate Price by the end of 2017. We will create a vast number of Millionaires and some will also become Billionaires within our private organization and we hope to end poverty globally in the year 2018.


To unsubscribe from these announcements, login to the forum and uncheck "Receive forum announcements and important notifications by email." in your profile.

You can view the full announcement by following this link:

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Monday, 9 January 2017

chris brone

Thebillioncoin TBC updated web wallet.

NOTICE: TBC has a new Web Wallet available now. Please take the time to sign up at

This wallet server will be unavailable after January 31, 2017 so please take the time to move your coins to your new 004 wallet.

Moving your coins is simple. Upon signing up at you will receive a new TBC receiving address. Transfer your TBC coins to that new address and you are all done.

From Admin.
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Friday, 6 January 2017

chris brone

Thebillioncoin TBC takes the news in Nigeria

Admin is impressed with the Leaders in Nigeria.  I personally want to thank Favor Sunano, the TBC Elected Leader of Nigeria, for his tireless efforts to promote TBC.  Nigeria leads the world per capita in driving traffic to our website:  Admin also wants to thank Prisca Agwu for her leadership which lead to TBC getting such a positive review by this Newspaper:
I have an idea that will surely impress the author of this article Ayo Alonge, an important figure in the news media of Nigeria.  Let’s all send her a thank you email and donate 100,000 Kringles (0.001 TBC) to a wallet Admin made for her:  Tb2Qc3TjtAxzkq6TnRfPwjGAMa9mvTBL2y
You can email her at:
There are over 60,000 of us, and let’s spread this news about this article and collective gift campaign to all of our members and encourage everyone to participate.  We are truly grateful for the positive review by Sun Newspaper in Nigeria.

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